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15 Things To Do When You’re Bored AF At Bond University

15 Things To Do When You’re Bored AF At Bond University

Honestly, uni life tends to get a little boring at times. So, here are 15 things to do when you're bored AF at Bond University.

Honestly, uni life tends to get a little boring at times. So, here are 15 things to do when you’re bored AF at Bond University.

1. Go for a swim in the lake.

Why go to the beautiful beaches the Gold Coast has to offer when the university is literally built on a lake. Grab your swimmers and head down with your friends into the pristine waters of Lake Orr. Make sure you watch out for debris, bull sharks and security.


2. Finish your assignments.

Make a trip to the bat labs, the library, the MLC or another one of Bond’s study spaces. Get on top of those assignments weeks early. Or alternatively just leave them until last minute with added stress and tears.

3. Go for a fancy meal at the Brasserie.

Whip your bra card out, or if you live off campus bring your dollars. Head down to the Pines Brasserie with your friends for some fine dining. The price is certainly for a five star meal however the quality is more of a two star.


4. Go on a shopping spree at Bond Express.

Why walk 2 minutes down the road to IGA when you can buy all the essentials you need at Bond Express for double the price?

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5. Go to the gym.

For some this may be a no brainer. But if you’re like me spend the whole semester saying ‘I really need to go the gym’ and never do, this is a useful one. Get up off your backside and gym it out for half an hour.


6. Fish for bull sharks.

Has anyone truthfully seen a bull shark in the lake? I can’t say I know of anyone who’s spotted one, however maybe you can try your hand at fishing and see if you can lure one in.

7. Actually attend all your classes.

This is a crazy one, but something you should definitely try. Not only did you pay good money for these classes, attending them may also help you pass.

8. Dance on the amphitheatre stage.

This will not only cure your own boredom, but also provide entertainment for everyone else. As long as it’s empty, just jump right up on the amphitheatre stage and begin some interpretative dance. Or if you’re a better singer, that works also.


9. Go to Don’s.

Gather your mates and enjoy a few bevs at Don’s to forget all that uni stress.

10. Netflix.

Whether it’s just Netflix or you add a bit of chill, this is one of the easiest ways to pass time. Don’t have an account? No problem, make your friend’s pay and use their account, or alternatively line up several different email addresses for your 30 day free trial.



11. Count the number of sandstone bricks.

Sandstone is a beautiful feature of Bond. Why not pass time by counting the number of each individual sandstone brick used across campus.

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12. Read the extra readings.

Not the required ones which you will possibly be assessed on, I mean the ones lecturers add in that give us some additional, but unimportant information.


13. Walk up and down building 6 a few times.

I know that I personally almost have a cardiac arrest when I walk from level one to four (thank god for the lift). But if stairs are your friend, walk up and down building 6 a few times to kill time.

14. Market Square.

Take a stroll to Market Square. There are some great food options along with ridiculously over-priced coffee.

15. Take a nap.

Science show’s naps are good for your health. Good thing they’re so enjoyable.


What are your favorite things to do when you’re bored AF at Bond University? Share in the comments below!
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