10 Things To Consider When You’re Bored Of Studies

These things to consider when you are bored of your studies are truly magnificent. These university tips will help you survive your uni days as a senior.

I am currently coming to the end of my first year at university, which marks halfway for myself, but I have seemed to reach the point in the semester now where I am getting a little bored of all the studies I have in my midst. In order to combat this, I wrote myself a list reminding me why to persist, which I would like to share with you. Here are the best things to consider when you are trekking through uni.

1. Look how far you’ve come

It can be difficult when day in, day out it feels like you are treading water in the same spot. This is the perfect time to take an hour or two to yourself and look back at all the assignments, grades and exams you have successfully completed and remember how you felt when you were completing them. If you did it then, then there is no reason you can’t do it now!

2. Look forward to the future

Sometimes, if looking back doesn’t help, then I instead try looking forward. I think about all the good things I have coming in my future, like a career and so many opportunities and it reminds me why it is so important to keep persevering right now.


3. Make yourself proud

One of the things I often forget about is making myself proud. I usually spend all my energy on making those who love and care about me proud that I forget I am the most important person who needs to feel this! Just reflecting on what you’ve done should be enough to make you proud and encourage you to carry on!

4. Think what you’ve already put in to it

If none of this is working, try thinking about all the effort that will have gone to waste if you were to give up now. It can be hard to stay determined, but you’ve done so much and worked so hard to even get to this point that there is absolutely no way you should waste it all!


5. Work hard, play hard

This one is a good one if you find that you are often procrastinating. Think about it in a way that you can take out what you put in. If you work super hard for 5 hours, then you can go and have fun and relax for 5 hours that night, or when you are next free! It’s all about give and take people.

6. Reaching your goals

This is obviously a big one, and actually can be very achievable. Spend some time outlining SMART goals and then as you slowly achieve them, tick them off. This is something I find extremely motivating and breaks things down in to little chunks, rather than overwhelming stresses!


7. Life balance

Like with work hard, play hard, you have to remember that life is all about balance. You need to be putting your effort into more than just your uni work, but also not just putting all your time (and money) in to your social ventures! This is one of the most crucial things to consider when you can’t even.

8. Do you think changing the situation will help?

If none of this is working maybe it is time to consider a little change. Ask yourself the question ‘do you think changing the situation will help?’, and it may turn out that it can mean as little as reducing your number of casual job shifts so you can work more on university.



9. Will you be happy when you have finished?

This is a major one, and has to be one of the things you prioritise if you are really not happy where you are. It is something you need to seriously consider, but don’t rush into anything until you are certain it is the right decision!

10. What brought you here in the first place?

Now, if all of this has left you in the same situation as before, then think about what brought you here in the first place! This is bound to get you thinking, and you may even decide that you need to change things up to really be happy because you have since changed from the person who made this decision initially! There is nothing wrong with that, just make sure it is what you really want before jumping in the deep end.


Hopefully, at least one of these 10 things will get you back in the studying mode, or at least make you happy, even if that’s not where you are right now! These things to consider will get you through the remainder of your uni studies.

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