5 Things That Will 100% Happen At La Trobe University

Studying at Bond University definitely has its ups, downs and everything in between. If you're a current student or once studied here, you'll relate!

Remember the time while adorning the “INNOCENT” ducks at La Trobe University parks you were attacked by them!..”Ah! Not that memory again!. It pains me!”

This instance among many others which a La Trobian goes across every day in and out; and guess what we’re actually proud of it. Well some of the perks of studying at La Trobe isn’t it?!

I’m unfurling a “check list” of sure-shot incidents five which would have definitely transpired with many and can be reserved as a to-dos list for remaining ones-:


1. Those underrated 8 A.M. Lectures.

You wake up half-drowsy on a cold-Melbourne wintery morning only to realize that there’s an 8AM lecture!!.”This sight is scary ‘nugh; seems like I’ll go back to sleep! ;)” But yet there are plenty of us who brave all this and with swords tied to our satchels head for that lecture, not to forget the double-layered jumpers and the college-survival drink-“COFFEE”!

2. Coffee- Say no more!

I’d rather kid you not on this but believe me is one is able to find the best(read cheapest!) coffee around campus within a couple of weeks?!! Hell no! You go cascading via the Bachelor of Coffee, Coffee Beans Coffee, One in Agora F.C. and tada my pick the one in Asian restaurant on Level 2 to settle for the mesmerizing aroma of cocoa. Bottom-line- Coffee is the only source of happiness for budding programmers. Period!

3. When you forget your wallet at your place but it hits you that you Broke AF.

So after a hard-lecture laddered day at uni you look forward for the famished pizza-break; you in the procedural way slide your hand into the empty-pocket while repeating the order in your head and bang “IRONY HITS YOU”. Anger resurfaces from within which turns into tears as you fathom you are broke…I’ll leave this here.


4. “Did I say Hi to a stranger?!..That person seemed familiar!”

Going down the stairs, queuing up for free-food, heading towards lecture-room and walking down the SWB/BG/WLT Foyer you notice a familiar face, you lean ahead and say a friendly “hi”, a more courteous “Hey Mate!”, a ready to tap fist-bump buttt that person only had a “familiar face” or maybe I guessed it appeared familiar…#embarassmentspoiler!


5. How can I forget the ducks of La Trobe University?

Call me duck-obsessed if you may but this a common faith within La Trobians that ducks are the “MIGHTIEST”. “Oh look at that creature, so elegant!..Calls for a good Instagram pic!” …”Hey!..get off  me you mucky bird, the water suits you better!” Yup been there, done that sort of feels, isn’t it?!.. Spotting ducks next time ; beware!

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Yup, so fingers crossed I’d say!..Stay safe and enjoy the winter semester at La Trobe University.
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