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10 Things Only Bond University Students Understand

10 Things Only Bond University Students Understand

Studying at Bond University definitely has its ups, downs and everything in between. If you're a current student or once studied here, you'll relate!

Heading back to my hometown after studying at Bond University for a couple of semesters had one overarching theme. From friends to family, and every individual in between, it seemed the question on everyone’s lips was: what is unique to Bond University?

Well, that got me thinking, and I realised there are a LOT of things that only Bond University students can understand. If you’re reading this, then you can agree that some things can only been understood if you’ve studied at Bond, and you will undoubtedly recognise many of the following.

1. It is assumed you have all your lectures in the Arch.

Although we know that the closest we will ever get to having a class up there is sitting in the silent section of the Main Library, family and friends can’t seem to grasp the concept that the Arch is reserved for tutors and lecturers. I don’t know about you, but I secretly wish those rooms were student accomodation!


2. The day the new Bra opened was a highlight.

Bond University Alumni will tell you that the Brasserie (Bra, for those in the know) has remained practically the same since they were fresh in their degree. If this doesn’t strike fear into your hearts at the thought of how many baskets of chips have been fried in the same vats over the years, nothing will. As I sit on my bed which overlooks the brand new Bra in all its glory, I am honestly contemplating taking one of those massive (and I mean huge) pot plants to have as decoration for my room!

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3. ‘Flying’ fish are just the norm.

You can’t avoid the lake if you are on campus, so you get pretty used to the walk around it and have likely lost count of the number of times a fish has flown metres (okay, maybe only centimetres but still!) out of the lake, done some acrobatics and then gracefully re-entered the water. The first few times it happens you turn to the person nearest you to make sure they saw it too… you don’t want to be labelled as ‘the crazy one’ this early on, do you?


4. Don’s is your ‘home away from home’.

By this, I mean that you are there so often (at least every Thirsty Thursday) that you could practically recite the blackboard drinks menu from behind the bar. Don’s is like that friend that doesn’t have to say much to persuade you that going out the night before your 40% assessment is due is a good idea… it’s not.

5. You live by the beach but you barely get there.

When you think about it, life is pretty busy. Studying a University degree in two years, and maybe throw in a part-time job, and that is basically your whole week. Catching up with friends is obviously a priority, but the effort it takes to get to the beach and deal with the sand that lingers on your car seats for weeks afterwards? I might just stick to the new Bra for my catch ups at the moment!


6. You avoid the MLC during exam time at all costs.

It doesn’t matter if you are there at 1 O’Clock in the afternoon or 3 O’Clock in the morning, you will struggle to get a seat. It’s mayhem, the realisation has hit that these exams could be the difference between a Pass or a Fail, or for some, a HD and a Distinction. Let’s just head to Don’s to take the edge off!

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7. Free lunch at Wednesday by the Water is never passed up.

By the time Wednesday comes around, you are probably sick and tired of queuing inside the Bra to get your midday feed, so why not mix it up a bit?! Now you can queue outside, but when you finally get your food, it is doubly worth the wait because aside from being delicious, it is also free – BONUS!



8. You hear at least 5 American accents per day.

Okay, so this one is more likely to be the case during the January and September semesters but hey, who knows, maybe an exchange from the amazing American Summer to the Queensland Winter was what a May Semester American Bondy was looking for?! Nevertheless, whether it was in the line for dinner, at the gym or just walking around campus, we all know how common that accent is. Some days I even feel like I have stepped on to an American campus!

9. You have definitely debated with your mates which Core class was your least favourite.

We all have to do them, it is just a fact of life for us Bondy’s, but that doesn’t mean we have to like them! There’s that moment where you listen, horrified, to your friend who is a couple of sems ahead of you and realise, the worst is yet to come. Of course, it is all down to your own opinion and interests but it is still interesting to hear what everyone else has to say about Core classes at Bond University.


10. Your friends back home are jealous because you are basically on holiday all year around.

It is the moment you Instagram a photo of you with sunglasses and a hat, singlet and sandals on…and it’s the middle of Winter! When you come home for University Holidays and it’s 16 degrees Celsius and when you get back to campus it’s 26 degrees, that is when you know you made the right choice coming to Bond University!

Of course, being a student at Bond University comes with a lot of other aspects… like study, but these are just a few things you will only understand if you go to Bond University. So, congratulations, if you can associate with any of these points listed above – you are a Bondy through and through! See you at Don’s!

Can you relate to any of these signs that only Bond University students can relate to? Let us know in the comments!
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