10 Things I Need My Parents To Teach Me Before Leaving The Nest

There are so many questions unanswered in our lives, and this is because we don’t ask them! We shall ask to avoid the disorientation, especially before leaving the nest and it’s too late. Here are some of the questions for our parents that we need answers to.

1. How do you freakin’ do taxes?!

I really don’t know how to do this… Is there an app for this?


2. Is cooking really that necessary?

I burn toasts. Oh well, I could always just scrape them off right?

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3. How do you magically keep the house tidy every day?

I’m guessing a fairy comes by every night and cleans for us while we sleep.


4. Are sforks good enough?

Multipurpose. KFC has my back.

5. How do you wake up to an alarm every morning?



6. When will I have time to myself?

In the shower?????

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7. Oh, and do you know how to keep pairs of socks together?

I guess you can’t help me figure that out, because I have a million socks with no pairs!

8. When I do laundry, do I put my shirt with black and white stripes in the coloured pile or the white pile?

As long as it’s clean, right?

9. An oven can be a heater, too, right?

Again, multipurpose. Ooh also, I won’t have anything. *Sobs*

10. How much do we pay for everything?

I’m gonna miss having the necessities of life I had before leaving the nest.

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