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10 Things Every UniSA Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every UniSA Student Asks Themselves


University has its ups and downs, and just about every student has questioned their existence once or twice when faced with 2000-word essays. Most of the time it’s a fun and educational experience, but other times it can be a one-way trip to struggle town. To make light of our pain, here are 10 things every UniSA student has asked themselves.

1. Is university really worth it?

After attending enough 9am lectures in your life and writing about a dozen essays in one semester, you begin to wonder if university is really worth it. Do I really want to put myself through this pain for another 2-3 years for an arts degree? No, but I’m gonna do it anyway because I’ve already organized my student loans and I’m $20,000 in debt.

2. Why are there never any carparks?

This is personally not my struggle, but it’s the one thing that always pops up in the group chat. Somehow, no one can seem to find a carpark on our campus, and they end up having to partake in some unwanted exercise, and all just to look like an engaged student.


3. To go or not to go to the lecture?

Now the question really depends on what time the lecture is held. If it’s in the afternoon and you have your friends around, you’ll probably attend the lecture. But, if you’re one of the unfortunate smucks who have a lecture in the morning, then you’ll probably end up avoiding that lecture for the entire semester. Who needs to attend a morning lecture anyway when you can watch it online after your mid-morning nap?

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4. Am I really that broke or is aroma just expensive?

A daily struggle that 90% of UniSA students face. No offence Aroma, but the majority of us are broke uni students, who may or may not have job, and are living with our parents. Fair enough if it’s a one-time purchase, but if we’re left to buy lunch from you three days a week, it might be beneficial to arrange a student discount system or lower some of the prices.

5. Do I finally buy that textbook or pay this month’s rent?

Maybe you’re not in a situation where you are paying rent, but you have definitely experienced one of those moments where you had to decide between buying a textbook or going without a product you really wanted or needed. C’mon Co-op, why should we pay $50-$100 for a book that we’re only going to use for a semester?


6. Why are there so many stairs?

Stairs are the bane of my existence. For some reason, I have been bestowed with the misfortune of my classes being on the second level of each building, requiring me to walk up and down a flight of stairs 2-4 times a day. I have to desperately try to appear like I’m not dying to my friends’ every time I put a foot on those stairs. Please do us a favour UniSA and install escalators: sincerely, every unfit student.

7. Will I fail if I just skip this assignment?

Admit it, we’ve all thought this at least once. Whether it’s that 2000-word essay on the role spoons played in the shaping of culinary history, or a simple yet frustrating newspaper front page design, we’ve all considered just skipping the whole thing all-together. But, in the end, you know you’re going to bribe yourself into doing it because our tutors tell us that (somehow) we’ll fail if we don’t hand up this single assignment.


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8. Why do only 1/8 of the computers have the software I need?

For reasons unknown to me, only 1/8 of all computers on my campus have the software we need to complete our assignments. Need adobe to edit and design? Only the MC1 computers have that software. Need audacity for that radio story? You’ll only be able to find that software on the C building computers. For our own sanity UniSA, please provide the same software on all of the computers, thank you.

9. How does the whole library get booked in 000.1 seconds?

When it finally comes down to studying for that exam, or starting that group project, the library suddenly becomes magically booked. It’s empty and free every other time of the year, but as soon as you need it most, suddenly there are no rooms available. Thanks UniSA student cohort for messing with my grades: sincerely, not-so pissed off me because now I can further procrastinate starting my assignments.


10. Do I study or play pool with my friends?

Once again, it’s one of those questions that depends on your circumstances. Have you started that 1500-word essay that’s due at the end of the week? Are you wallowing in self-deprecation and stress because you’ve left your 10-page analysis until the day before? Then maybe you might want to skip the socialization for now and get started on those assignments. However, if nothing is due for another week or two, go blow off that assignment and play a fun game of pool with your friends (side note: we are hereby not responsible for the failure or low-standard of grades caused by the influence of this article. That’s all on you, buddy).

University life can be difficult, but just remember to take it all in your own stride. It will be a bit of a rollercoaster, but it’s a heck of a wild ride. So steady on and be brave my fellow comrades, steady on.

What are some other things every UniSA student asks themselves? Share in the comments below!
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