10 Things Every Bond University Student Wonders

Bond University students all think the same things. Here are 10 things all Bond University students think during their time at uni. Bond Uni is a blast.

Bond University  is definitely a unique university. Being a little different from the average Australian uni means we have our own distinct experiences. Here are 10 things every Bondie will ask themselves throughout their time here.

1. What are holidays?

Three sems a year means not a lot of space for holidays. It feels a little strange finishing up for the year a week before Christmas – then returning just three weeks later.


2. What will I wear to Don’s?

The weekly parties at Don’s will often leave you wondering what to wear. From Tight n Bright to Palaver, an array of outfits is needed to keep up with the themes.

3. Are there really sharks in the lake?

Everyone warns about the Lake Orr bull sharks, but how many have been spotted? Jumping fish are certainly a common site in the lake, however there have been no confirmed reporting’s of sharks.


4. How long will it take to pay off my debt?

‘After you die, what happens to your debt?’ can also be paired with this one. Whilst most will agree the large fees are worth it, everyone can agree they will take a lifetime to pay off.


5. Will I find a park today?

Over the last year or so, the parks at Bond have begun to fill very quickly. You might find yourself doing a few laps of Ring Road before you get a spot, hopefully close to your class if you’re lucky. Be sure not to park in the restricted spots without a permit though, or you’re asking for a hefty fine.

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6. Why is the MLC so packed?

If you want a good seat in the MLC during exam times, you will want to get there at 5 a.m. to secure a spot. You will see half of the uni packed in there. If you want to try the main library, that’s where you’ll most likely find the other half. Every Bond University student thinks this and you know it.


7. Why are these stairs so awkward?

Walking down the Thinking Stairs without looking a little awkward is an impossible task. That’s ok though, because no one looks natural along these weirdly places steps.


8. What’s for dinner at the bra?

The brasserie has certainly upped its game since its fancy reservation. The menu is constantly changing from culture to culture and people await to see what will be on the buffet each night.


9. Is it Wednesday yet?

There’s nothing like a free bbq lunch and Wednesday by the Water does not disappoint. The long lines are worth the wait for a free meal every week. You know you’ve thought this is you go to Bond University.


10. Can I stay longer?

They aren’t joking when they say the degrees are fast tracked. Bond University time is much faster than regular time. Although it’s great to get your degree out of the way, it’s hard to say goodbye to the good times with all the friends you’ve made.

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