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The Ultimate Summer Survival Guide

The Ultimate Summer Survival Guide

A summer survival guide is essential. Find out how to survive the summer. These are the best summer tips out there to help you manage summer holiday.

Summer is a great season- it’s a time for BBQ’s by the pool, drinking with your mates and going for nice and relaxing swims. However, it’s HOT! Here are some tips and tricks that will ensure you survive summer and make it the best one yet! This is the ultimate summer survival guide!

1. Slip, Slop and Slap on the sunscreen!

Not only will slapping on the sunscreen stop you from becoming a juicy looking tomato, you’ll be protecting your skin and avoiding nasty skin cancers. Make sure you wear it this summer, its super important!

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2. Get yourself a good beach towel!

Of course this makes the summer survival guide! A good beach towel is worth all the money. The new ones that don’t get sand stuck on them are so handy and will avoid you taking the whole beach with you when you leave so you should invest in one of those! Check them out here 

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3. A cute hat? What’s not to love about that?!

Protects your head from UV rays and looks super cute too. I mean, it really is a win/win situation.


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4. HOT HOT HOT… seatbelts on your skin…

Do yourself a solid and use a sun visor on your car if you’re leaving it out in the sweltering hot sun all day. Also, chuck your air-con on before you get in the car to save yourself sweating pellets and burning your skin on your seat-belt.

5. Hydrate

It’s super important to drink lots of water as there is nothing worse than feeling dehydrated on a hot day. Drinking water will help you feel refreshed and keep you feeling healthy.


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6. Take picnic food down to the beach

Making food to take with you when you’re going to the beach will save you a heap of money and a lot of time lining up in lines for food. Pack some fruit to keep you feeling healthy (I recommend watermelon, mango and passion-fruit as these fruits are super refreshing and tasty)!


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7. Get yourself a good pair of sunnies

Sunglasses are the best! There is nothing worse than being blinded by the sun when you are driving, or walking on the beach or just hanging out outside. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and help you see better in the sun…what’s not to love?!


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8. Make the most of it!

Enjoy those summer nights by the beach with your friends, watching sunsets and enjoying this wonderful world. Before you know it, it will be winter again, so make sure you soak up the sun and enjoy the summer while it’s here! This is the most important tip on the summer survival guide.

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What is YOUR  summer survival guide?

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