The Ultimate Ranking Of The Best Pizza In Adelaide

The best pizza in Adelaide is something you wont want to miss. Here is a list of the best pizza places in Adelaide you need to visit next time you are in town. Find out the best pizza in Adelaide here! Thanks Monica's Pizza in Adelaide for being outstanding.

Let us skip the nonsense and just agree, pizza is possibly the greatest invention ever (I’m Italian, so I suppose you’re welcome!). Not only is it delicious, but you can convince yourself you’re eating a well-balanced meal with carbs, protein and vegetables. Even though it’s usually 90% cheese… These are my favourite places, right across the city. Some of many more future favourites I’m sure, but they come with great service and most importantly, bang for your buck! Without further ado, I present to you the answer to “What should we have for dinner?” Here are is best pizza in Adelaide.

San Giorgio Ristorante

Located on Rundle Street in the heart of the city, San Giorgio’s does an impressive range of Italian food. My friends always go crazy for their Meat Lovers pizza, and the garlic bread is the perfect accompaniment! You can have a nice sit-down meal inside and be spoiled by their lovely staff, or order takeaway.

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This one surprised me to be honest, I’m usually weary of the quality that comes from chain food restaurants. However, after trying it, it’s no surprise they’ve been in the pizza business for over 50 years! Marcellina takes the cake for best pizza sauce, it’s rich, fresh and they layer it on thick! With locations all over Adelaide there’s bound to be one near you.

Monica’s Pizza

This is the kind of pizza place you wouldn’t know was there unless you were a local. Tucked away in a small block of shops out North, Monica’s Pizza is a family run business that will amaze you. The service is perfect, the value is unbeatable. Not only are they happy to cater for any dietary requirements, but when I order my vegetarian pizza without cheese, they just about triple the veggie topping so I get my money’s worth. Not all heroes wear capes…


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Papa Mias Wood Oven Pizza

Here’s one for the vegans out there! Papa Mias has an entire menu of vegan pizzas, including BBQ Cheat-ken and Yiros pizza. You can tell they’re the best from the crazy number of cars trying to pile into the car park each evening! Located on Goodwood Road, they’re takeaway only. But don’t worry, with their range of vegan desserts to choose from too, you’ll be happy to relax on the couch and watch Netflix while you indulge. *Papa Mias Wood Oven Pizza have an extensive non-vegan menu too! Papa Mias Wood Over Pizza truly has some of the best pizza in Adelaide.


Papa Mias Vegan Cheeseburger Pizza

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