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The Ultimate Music Festival Survival Guide

The Ultimate Music Festival Survival Guide

Your Music Festival Survival Guide is here. Here are tips and tricks on how to survive your first music festival. They can get a bit crazy so here are tips!

Whether you’re heading to your first ever music festival or are a seasoned festival goer, these tips and tricks are sure to make your festival experience the best it can be! Here is your ultimate music festival survival guide!

Try and avoid wearing canvas shoes

This one is a biggie if you’re at a festival and rain is forecasted. There is nothing worse than getting mud all over your canvas shoes- the stains are hard to get out and its just plain annoying. I personally am a huge fan of wearing Doc Martins as they are easy to clean and comfy AF so you can dance the night away and not worry about getting sore feet!

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Pack wet wipes and dry shampoo

Okay, these two things are honestly your life saver at a festival when you’re camping. Lines for showers are insanely long and sometimes its just easier to go without one. Thats why wet wipes are a great idea and dry shampoo will not only make it look like you’ve done a wonderful job of washing your hair but will also assist in styling your hair.

Pack Sunglasses

I mean, they protect your eyes and avoid you squinting. Enough said really.

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Take a portable phone charger

These things are a great investment and super handy at a festival. Most places at festivals make you pay so you can charge your phone and the lines are HUGE! Beat the line, save a little bit of money and have your phone on you at all times.

Take at least one jacket

Even if its boiling hot during the day, you can almost guarantee its going to be a bit chilly at night. Take a jacket with you (I recommend a denim jacket), and tie it around your waist during the day and chuck it on at night time when the cool change kicks in.

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Take a water bottle.

There is nothing worse than feeling de-hydrated at a festival. Chances are you’ll be drinking a fair bit of alcohol so it is super important to make sure you drink a lot of water too (avoid the hangover the next day and avoid super bad dehydration). Lining up and buying bottles of water waste time and waste your money, so you’re better of bringing your own reusable one and filling  it up at the water taps throughout the day. No wonder this is on the music festival survival guide.

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Take a mini hand sanitiser

One of these bad boys will make sure you feel clean at all times! Use after you’ve been in those grotty festival toilets, before you eat food, or just to feel a bit fresher. Believe me- it is an essential!

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Remember your ID

No but seriously, please remember your ID. It sounds like a no brainer but there have been people in the past who have forgotten this. Your ID will be needed at one point or another, so trust me on this one.

Find a meet up spot (and stick to it)

If you get separated from your buddies and can’t get in contact with them because of the terrible phone service, it is super important to have a spot you can go to and meet up with them. Also, if you’re planning on splitting up from the crowd make sure you organise a time to meet up with them before you leave!

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Be creative in what you wear!

Where else can you wear a heap of glitter and not get judged for it? You may as well get as creative and as funky as you like, after all, you’re at a music festival, embrace it!!

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