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The Ultimate Festival Looks You Need

Figuring out what to wear to a festival can be such a hard task, especially if you have to find more than one outfit!! Here below are the ultimate festival looks you need to help you decide on what to wear to your next festival!

Festival Look #1:

1-  Fringe Skirt

A fringe skirt is one of the go-to festival looks. They are so much fun to wear and the tassels dance around with you. You can get these bad boys in a heap of colours, ranging from caramel brown to bright green.


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2- Band Shirt

Not only are band shirts comfy AF, they look cool and show off your awesome taste in music and support the band whose top you are wearing! Definitely one of the simplest festival looks!


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3- Wide and Floppy Hat

These hats are perfect as they protect your head from getting sunburnt and they look super cute! It’s a win/win situation really!


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4- Boots

Boots for stomping around in all day and night long. Doc Martins are my personal go-to shoe because they are comfortable, you can wear them all day without pain, and they are perfect for dancing around in.

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Festival Look #2:

1- Funky Pants

How cool are funky pants!! Patterned or crazy coloured pants are such a statement piece and will make you stand out from the crowd (in a good way)!


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2- Crochet Top

When wearing statement pants, its better to compliment them with something basic yet beautiful. You don’t want to overdo the outfit so find yourself a nice white or black crochet top to wear with your pants!

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3- Denim Jacket

Wear it around your waist during the day when its warm and chuck it on at night to save yourself from freezing! Not only does it look super cute with all festival looks, it will save you when the day turns in to night and it starts to get a bit chilly.


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Festival Look #3:

1- Bralette

Bralette’s are super cute and you can get them in so many different colours and different designs and shapes to suit you.


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2- High-wasted shorts

High-waisted shorts look great with a tiny bralette and you’re sure to look absolutely amazing! With high-waisted shorts coming in heaps of different colours and textures, there is so much to choose from that will work perfectly with the look you are trying to achieve!


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3- Mesh Stockings

Fish-net and mesh stockings are making a comeback and its clear to see why! Chuck a pair of these on underneath your shorts and go out there and slay!


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4- Jacket

Whether its a fluffy vintage jacket you’ve picked up from an op-shop or a big bomber jacket, these make festival looks 10 x better once you chuck one on!

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5- Statement Jewelry

A chunky necklace and a chunky belt look awesome with festival looks like this one. Experiment with earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. and find your taste and what suits you!

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6- Glitter it up Baby!

No festival look is complete without glitter. Chuck glitter EVERYWHERE!! Where else but a festival is it encouraged to wear glitter and sparkle like the Queen you are?! Go all out and don’t be stingy with the glitter- the more the better!!


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What are some of your favourite festival looks? Leave us a comment in the section below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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