The Ultimate Broke College Students Guide To Eating In Brisbane

Eating in Brisbane is great but can get fairly expensive. Here are the best cheap places to eat in Brisbane that will save you money and taste delicious.

Now besides food on uni campus or the usual broke students diet; usually consisting of domino’s pizza, 2 minute noodles and sandwiches, here’s some new and exciting places to eat at in Brisbane when you’re a broke uni student. Here are the best places to eat for broke college students in Brisbane; here’s where you should be eating in Brisbane.


This place is located near the heart of the city on Albert street and is the perfect place for students to drink, but not before a nice hearty cheap meal. Full of Asian meals including noodles, rices, soups and side dishes. Not only that but at the back of the venue holds a small alcohol store where you can buy bottles of alcohol to drink while you eat!

Prohibition Pizza

One of the biggest and best nightclubs is also one of the, by no doubt the cheapest places to eat. With their $1 giant Costco pizza available every opening night from 7-10 p.m. Thursday-Sunday this is one of the cheapest and best places to eat, especially with student night in Brisbane to eat.


Hakataya Ramen

A well-known place by all which makes you never want to eat your homemade ramen out of a packet ever again. Such a simple dish but made so well at Hakataya Ramen where getting a refill of noodles are free and the finding it is just as easy. So google your nearest one because every broke Brisbane students has tried this place at least once.

3 Monkeys

A slightly fancier, yet still cheap and good café where they serve some nice whole-hearted meals within a place that has nice quirky décor as well as indoor plants. Open 9.30 a.m.-11.30 p.m. roughly 7 days a week this is definitely a place to be when you wanna be in that hippie part of town.

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With my personal all-time favourite frappe place in town, this dessert restaurant is the place where all your fantasies come true. You can make your own ice cream with any toppings such as Oreo or wafer sticks with unique flavours such as…


Ramen Champion

Ramen; a staple in every broke uni students’ life but nothing beats it than eating it at an actual restaurant. Featuring your typical Miso soup with different flavours of meats including pork, mince, beef, prawn and so on it really is a must eat place. It also sells other foods such as dumplings, rice and many toppings. As well as that there is the Ramen Challenge itself which can be found in store. If you have been eating in Brisbane a while, you’ve been here.

Sushi Kotobuki

This sushi place with a take on style in the form of sushi train serves excellent sushi as well as fried chicken, rice dishes, soups and more. Uni friendly with rice cups for $5.90 that is decent quality and quantity. A good way to go for a light dinner or grab two for a different taste and a chance to try more for less.


Mac from Way Back

Mac from way back features your delicious homemade mac with that little extra restaurant style and quality. Located in Fortitude Valley, at the back of Sabotage you can also enjoy some nice cool beers, cocktails and whiskey. Loaded burgers, fries, onion rings, mozzarella sticks and much more with mac are just some of the foods available.

The Vietnamese Restaurant

Open since 1983, this family owned restaurant has been providing cheap and quality eats in the heart of Brisbane. With amazing basic food at low prices, it also features make your own rolls, noodles of all kinds and steam boats. These are just some of the things that are available here.


4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

At 4 fingers, more than half the things on the menu is to do with chicken, I mean what else would you want at here in the heart of the Brisbane CBD. From crispy wings and drumsticks to burgers, rice boxes and even greens covered in soy garlic or hot chili sauce crispy chicken here is a definite must have with maybe the occasional salad. 4 Fingers is definitely an all round favourite, especially as a broke uni student. If you are eating in Brisbane, this is one of those places you’ve seen.

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