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The Typical Day of A Western Sydney University Student

The Typical Day of A Western Sydney University Student

The Typical Day of A Western Sydney University Student

Last year, I wrote my first day in a life post based on my experiences when I was in first year. But a lot has changed since then as my campus location was transferred from Penrith to Parramatta and being in second year, my workload has increased. Pretty much everything has changed and it’s no longer similar to what it was like last year. So this is my day in a life of a Western Sydney University student as a second year Bachelor of Communications student.

1. Wake up… at 7am!

On Tuesday (finally!)


This year (or at least in the first semester), half of my classes don’t start till 11am and the travel time has decreased to 45 mins. That means, I CAN FINALLY HAVE MORE SLEEP!!!

But… I still have to wake up really early because…

2. Waiting for the shuttle



Don’t get me wrong, the waiting and travel time for trains and buses are now shorter since (I’m assuming) plenty of people need to go to the city. BUT… unless you arrive at 7am to the shuttle bus stop at the Parramatta City Campus, the wait for the shuttle takes forever. Worse if you’re waiting out in the cold weather. This is what happens when you transfer your Communications and Design students to a new campus.

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3. Arriving to WSU Parramatta South

To this day, whenever I see main entrance to the university, it reminds me of Open Day back in 2015.

4. Lectures (and they’re mandatory)

Unfortunately, half of my classes don’t have online lectures so that means, I have to actually go the lecture halls. Some of the talks were interesting (especially the guest lectures in Feature Writing) but there were some sessions where my friends and I felt like sleeping and some wanted to walk out. Unfortunately, we can’t skip the lectures or else we fail the unit.


5. The long breaks

Between lectures and the tutorials/workshops, I get a REALLY LONG lunch time between 1-3 hours. So what do I do while waiting for my next class to start? HOMEWORK (with a tiny dash of procrastination!)

I didn’t appreciate the university library as much back in first year. But this year… It’s now one of my favourite places to stay and work (especially since most of my written assignments require a lot of research and extra reading.)


It’s even a good place to hang out with friends and have a study group… unless they forget and you’re all alone, waiting for no one to show up.

6. Tutorials and Workshops

Did I ever tell you what I’m majoring in, in Bachelor of Communications? I’m doing Media Arts Production so that means we do a lot of practice exercises on how to film and edit videos. This is the fun part of my day because that means we get to do a lot of creative things and experiment as we go along.

7. University Clubs

Time to take advantage of what the university has to offer after a long day of classes, hence the uni clubs! There are a lot to choose from and I have a fun time spending time with other people outside my degree. One of my favourite club events was when the Nerdfighters Club celebrated Star Wars Day on May the 4th (be with you) and boy that was a day I will never forget.


8. Hanging out with friends

If there are no club activities going on and you have some spare time in your hands, you can hang out with your friends and just chill… or distract them when they actually want to get some work done (sorry.)

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9. Go to work

Since there are more classes during second year, that will definitely mean actually going to work after university in some days. I have a few friends who also have to go through this, some have to work till midnight! (Bless their poor souls.)

Thank goodness I was able to do my homework between classes. But hey, at least the pay is good!


10. Rest and Repeat

And after a long day of balancing my studies, social life and work in under 15 hours, time to lay down and rest before the cycle continues all over again.

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But this is just me. I know your day will be different to mine.

What does your typical day as a Western Sydney University student look like? Share in the comments below!
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