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The 5 Stages Of Friend Withdrawal During Uni Break

The 5 Stages Of Friend Withdrawal During Uni Break


Uni breaks are awesome. They’re a great time to really relax, unwind and give yourself the break you need throughout the year. But the four month summer break is much longer than those two week ones scattered throughout the year. We stop having that reason to see our uni friends every day and actual effort needs to be made to meet up. So what are the stages of friend withdrawal during uni break?

1. November

Ah, final assignments and exams are finally all over! November is the time to relax and take advantage of the sleep-ins and Netflix-all-day-in-bed and no one will judge you for it (since everyone’s probably doing the same).

2. December

Nearing the festive season, there’s a lot more incentive to make an effort to meet up with some friends – maybe even organise a Secret Santa. You’ve had your break and when you see those Snapchat stories of your friends catching up without you or having to say no to group events because you’re working, you start to feel a little left out.

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3. January

By January, everyone’s had time to unwind after Christmas and New Year’s and depending on your part-time job, you might have a few weeks off. This is the time when everyone starts getting a little bored of sitting at home ‘relaxing’ all day and a lot more group events get organised – maybe even a weekend away. Friend withdrawal during uni break starts to kick in.

 4. February

Just as you’re starting to get back into the groove of life and seeing your friends more, the looming presence of uni hangs over you like a dark cloud. Enrollment, timetables and textbooks all come back to haunt you.

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 5. March

And before you know it, uni’s come back for yet another year and you’re back to seeing your friends every day again – provided you were lucky enough to get similar timetables!

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