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The Reasons Why Gold Coast Singles Should Stay Single

The Reasons Why Gold Coast Singles Should Stay Single

The Gold Coast is such a beautiful place to live and visit and with it, comes many gold coast singles. If you're single on the gold coast here is why you should enjoy it!

The gold coast is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and here are the reasons why gold coast singles deserve to stay that way!

Relationship Status: Single 

Country: Australia 

City:  Gold Coast 

Describe yourself in a sentence: I am a strong willed, level headed, independent, reliable and a kind human being who deserves to enjoy Gold Coast for all that is.

Yes, that was a short description of you! You are single. No baggages. Emotional and mental, just the physical ones. You are in a city as beautiful as the Gold Coast. We surf. We breathe. We chill. We party. We create. We feel. You deserve to enjoy a city like Gold Coast alone. Completely and absolutely. No girlfriend calling you up to ask you if you reached home alone from the party last night. No boyfriend to call you when you are out with your girls drinking the night away. The best part of it all is that, rarely ever do couples survive to continue their relationship if one of their partners moves to the Gold Coast. It is slightly mean to call a break up the best part of a travel expedition. Although having said that, I do believe you need to know this, considering you clicked to read this article.

Gold Coast is a city where the sun shine’s brightest on the best days and rains on the best days.

You will always be feeling things and experiencing moments of sheer surprise. It is here that you will realise just how far away from the rest of the world Australia really is.


You will feel as small as a bee on a flower and as high up as the Sky Point.

You will see the world through eyes of blue and your soul as light as clouds. It will get daunting and possibly morbid at one point, but Tinder is fun here. You make friends on Tinder here, friends who could possibly be the most interesting strangers you will ever meet.

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Gold Coast is multicultural and has a very unique flavour of its own.

The people you meet here will intrigue you, which is why gold coast singles almost always enjoy their time here!

You will see beautiful houses here, each looking different and having a character of it’s own.

“A home needs character” and our wonderful Goldies’ express that thought perfectly.

Gold Coast is also the holiday strip from Southport to Coolangatta.

IT IS A HOLIDAY STRIP! Why would you be tied down when you are enjoying this?


What do you think about gold coast singles? Would you do it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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