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The Best Places To Hook Up At UNSW

The Best Places To Hook Up At UNSW

Uni life can be overwhelming and stressful. What better way to relieve that stress than to hook up!? These are the best places to hook up at UNSW!

In a wild and often chaotic environment, it can be stressful to balance student life and personal life. Sometimes we just need a passionate hook up to temporarily ease the pain that is our financial debts and uncertain futures. So, here are the best places to hook up at UNSW!

1. Level 9 Library

Level 9 of the library is a highly suitable location for a hook up with your partner as you are provided with a quiet, cosy environment. The gentle, rhythmic sound of typing in the background and even breaths of the person sleeping next to you will surely set the scene and allow you to express inner desires in your break between studying.

2. Library Lawn

The library lawn is a peaceful and Zen location, highly suitable for those who are looking for a nice place to eat food or relax with friends. The gentle exposure to the sun, the comfort of the lush green grass and the gentle swaying of the tree branches makes for a peaceful place to hook up.

3. The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse’s sole purpose is to create an enjoyable, party atmosphere where students can socialize verbally and physically. This also means openly hooking up with someone without  judgment from others. Of all the places to hook up on campus, the Greenhouse is the most palpable location that couples or two strangers can fool around in.

4. Back of Lecture Hall

Students often find themselves sitting in a seemingly never-ending lecture at uni, drowning out the voice in the microphone. The large, open space of the lecture hall is perfect to lock lips with the cutie sitting next to you. Sitting at the black of the lecture hall will provide you with privacy and shelter from prying eyes. If you’re lucky enough to be shown a video in the lecture, the darkness will provide a seducing and saucy atmosphere.

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5. The Science Theatre

Theatre is associated with performing scenes and scenarios that are often unrealistic and highly over-dramatic. Thus, the Science Theatre is a perfect location to recreate one’s favourite movie hook up scene. With a broad range of props available, couple’s can create their ideal hook up setting.

6. The 891

We are all well aware of the busy conditions of the buses that ship hundreds to and from uni every day. One may find themselves in an empty bus alone with their significant other. This is the perfect opportunity to sneak in a quick hook up.

Do you know of any other good places to hook up at UNSW!? Share in the comments below!

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