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The Best Job Search Apps You Should Check Out

The Best Job Search Apps You Should Check Out

With multiple job search apps out there it can be a little confusing when it comes to selecting an app that will suit your needs, and score you that dream job! I’ve put together a list of job search apps that a job hunter like yourselves has been searching for.

Not a Lot of Experience? No Problem

Thanks to Job Flare app, future employees can focus on your skills rather than experience. This has been creatively achieved through a game designed to test your level of skills reflective of the ones employers seek. Once you’ve gotten to the sixth level you’re then are able to unlock the job inbox, where you can send your CV along with your game performance to a range of employers.

Freelancer and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Freelancing can have its challenges when it comes to finding work, so job search apps for freelancers can be lifesavers. With the help of  Fiverr-freelance services app, you can promote yourself on a global scale, appealing to potential employers, searching for a freelancer that matches their preference.

The Best Job Search Apps You Should Check Out

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Don’t Have Time to Waste Job Searching? Just Swipe Right

From swiping to find the potential love of your life to swiping for your dream job. Yep, that’s right, Found for Job Seekers app allows you to swipe through potential workplaces that have current job vacancies. This is one of the job search apps that works wonders in saving time, as all you need to do is create a quick online profile and get swiping, goodbye to page scrolling!

Looking To Network Your Way Into The Industry

If building industry connections is more your style of job searching why not try the LinkedIn job searching app. Within this app, you can use your LinkedIn profile to network with people in your desired career field. This job searching app allows you to stay connected with companies, keeping you in touch with what’s happening in your industry and notifying you of job openings. Along with this, they also have an advanced job search, which allows you to search and apply to a job of interest, via the app by just simply uploading your CV.

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Need A Job That Suits Your Personality

Now here’s a job searching app that is going to help you find yourself and that dream job that suits you. Good&Co culture fit jobs app is a job searching app that’s specially designed to test your personality using data based questions. Once you’ve completed the personality test and feel confident that you know the real you and your performance in the workforce, you can simply apply for jobs suitable to your personality through the app.

The Best Job Search Apps You Should Check Out

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Over Job Searching A Number Of Websites

We are all too familiar with how time-consuming job searching can be when there are so many recruiting websites to job search through. However, the game has changed with the job searching app Adzuna job search, bringing together jobs listed on a number of websites into one platform accessible on the app.

Looking For A Smooth Job Seeking Process

Seek is a job searching app that can assist in making the job searching process more smooth sailing. This app is designed to enable more refined searches with a range of categories covering your job preferences. This app allows you to track your job searching journey, taking note of jobs you’ve already viewed and applied for. Also, if you’re sick of waiting to hear back, Seek is able to follow the progress of your job application for some jobs, and can provide an indication of how likely your application is going to progress.

The Best Job Search Apps You Should Check Out

There you have it! My top job search apps that you should get downloading if you’re looking to score yourself that dream job. Is there any job search apps that you think I missed out on? Comment below.

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