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10 Of The Best Beauty Gurus To Watch On YouTube

10 Of The Best Beauty Gurus To Watch On YouTube

If you're look for the best beauty gurus to watch on youtube, then these Australian youtubers will satisfy your makeup needs with their awesome tutorials!

YouTube beauty gurus are always there for us, teaching us new tips and tricks to make-up, while telling us what’s the best to use for products, and even incorporating DIY ideas to their routines! Here’s a list of the 10 best beauty gurus you should definitely be watching.

1. Jackie Aina

Loud, funny and an all around great make-up artist, Jackie Aina not only gives you the low down on the best products, but she’s an avid feminist and Black Lives Matter supporter who speaks up against injustices. You go girl!


2. Amber Scholl

Nobody is sweeter than Amber. Not only does she show us her favorite make-up products, she is also an expert at DIY! Seriously, there’s nothing this girl can’t do. Definitely one of the best beauty gurus to watch on YouTube!

3. Senay Bostancioglu

Senay is an extremely talented make-up artist from Melbourne. She can perform magic with just a brush and eyeshadow palette, and is definitely one of the best beauty gurus out there!


4. Wayne Goss

A make-up artist with almost 3 decades of experience, Wayne is the go-to for everything make-up and skincare related. He makes perfecting the winged eyeliner look easy, and will give you the run down of the ingredients in your make-up products. Did we mention he even has his own brush line?


5. Dacey Cash

Dacey is knowledgable in everything to do with make-up and skincare, and she will let you know which products work and what won’t! Also – her eyeshadow tutorials are a must watch.

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6. Alissa Ashley

Spunky and funny, Alissa will show you make-up tricks and give you honest reviews of the latest products! Her personality shines through in all her videos and she’s definitely on our must watch list!


7. Kaushal

A UK based make-up artist, Kaushal knows beauty. She has tutorials for everything make-up and skincare related. Also did we mention her and her fiancé are so totally CUTE?


8. Nazanin Kavari

Nazanin Kavari has been in the youtube beauty guru scene since her early teens and now, at 18, she has an extensive knowledge of make-up products. Don’t let her age fool you, she definitely knows what she’s doing.


9. JBunzie

Queen of versatile looks, JBunzie will show you how to be a princess one day, a 50s starlet the next, and then Morticia Addams. Addams is extremely talented in her craft, and is definitely one of the best beauty gurus to watch.


10. Sheslulu

Sheslulu is the youtuber to watch if you love anything to do with beauty, astrology and marijuana! She will show you how to do a crease cut and tell you everything you need to know about yourself through your zodiac sign. She’s loud mouthed and interesting, definitely our kind of girl!

What would you consider to be some of the best beauty gurus? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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