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The 10 Best Australian Albums Of 2017

The 10 Best Australian Albums Of 2017

Here's your list of the best Australian albums of 2017. These Auustralian musicians are really bringing heat to the music industry. Here are the best albums

Ahh Australian music, whats not to love?! The Australian music scene  has really come a long way and there is more and more talent popping up all around Australia, meaning more and more great albums are making their way to Aussie music fans. With so many great Australian albums having been released this year, it is hard to pick just 10, however, I have tried my hardest to narrow it down and this is the list! (If you haven’t listened to these albums as of yet- I suggest you do so right now…) Check out the best Australian albums of 2017.

1. Gang of Youths: Go Farther in Lightness

Gang of Youths highly anticipated album, Go Farther in Lightness provides everything you could ever ask for in an album. This album has the perfect balance of both loud and proud sing-along tunes and mellow easy listening songs with powerful lyrics.


2. The Jungle Giants: Quiet Ferocity

I know this is a big call BUT Quiet Ferocity is probably The Jungle Giants best album yet. It’s super fun and easy to groove along to, and every single song is unique and catchy. There is something simplistically beautiful about this album and every song offers something different.


3. San Cisco: The Water

This album is practically begging for a road trip. San Cisco has yet again delivered an album which is extremely easy to listen to, hits all the right notes and is genuinely the perfect soundtrack to drive along the coast with.


4. The Smith Street Band: More Scared of You Than You are of Me

The Smithies have delivered a kick-ass album with songs that are fun to sing along to and songs that pack a lot of hidden meaning. This band has done so well for themselves this year and this album just tops it all off.


5. Alex Lahey: Love You Like a Brother

Alex Lahey is such a talent and her latest album is so much fun to listen to. Lahey has really provided her fans with a great album and I personally can’t help pressing the replay button on every single song.


6. The Dune Rats: The Kids Will Know it’s Bullshit

The Dune Rats have a No-BS complex and this really comes out in every song on this album. It is a stack of fun to listen to and its the perfect album to wind your windows down in the car and blast out. It’s no wonder this makes the list of best Australian albums of 2017.


7. Vera Blue: Perennial

Ahh, the sweet sounds of Vera Blue. Her beautiful tone and excellent song writing makes this album one of the top ten of the year. She has such a presence and every song is sung with such conviction.

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8. Winston Surfshirt: Sponge Cake

Winston Surfshirt have sort of just come out of nowhere, but boy oh boy they are here to stay. With so many great tracks on this album it is hard to pass by. This album is full of excitement and tunes that are so easy to listen and groove along to.


9. Thundamentals: Everyone We Know

I’m just gonna say it; Banger after banger. It’s the perfect album to get you pumped up for a night out. With so many songs you can belt out and dance along to, it is the perfect Aussie album for the summer.


10. The Preatures: Girlhood

The Preatures have delivered yet another album which is so diverse and great to listen to. The band never cease to amaze their fans with their catchy songs, and this album is absolutely full of them!

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