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10 Of The Best 2014 Movies To Watch ASAP

10 Of The Best 2014 Movies To Watch ASAP

Here is a list of the best 2014 movies. You need to watch these films from 2014! They are memorable movies of 2014 and you are bound to enjoy them!

I feel I should provide a little background on what made me decide to write this article before I begin. Basically, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Film and Television and I am set to graduate at the end of next year. I absolutely love going to the cinema and watching the latest movie! My guilty pleasure is definitely watching those cheesy, cliché rom-coms (shout-out to Hugh Grant!), but I also appreciate a well-crafted film. With all that in mind, let me introduce you to my picks for the Top 10 best 2014 movies!

I would like to mention that these films are just based on my own opinion and I understand you may not agree with any of them.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

First, it is probably important to mention that I am a Marvel movie geek. I absolutely love them, which is why I think this film appealed to me. The humour mixed with the awesome fight sequences is so my style, not to mention the amazing 70s and 80s inspired soundtrack!


2. Boyhood

This film is a coming-of-age drama if there ever was one! It’s all about the life of a boy, the good times and the bad, and I think what makes this film a stand-out is the fact that it was filmed over the course of twelve years with the same cast!


3. Birdman

In my mind I seem to class Boyhood and this film together, probably due to the innovative ways in which they were both produced! Birdman was made to look like it was filmed in one shot, it really just comes across seamlessly!

4. The Lego Movie

Not even a single part of me is ashamed that this movie has made the list! I love it! It’s funny for both kids and adults, and it is extremely cleverly made! The storyline is also fantastic and I think you learn a few lessons about life, especially children, through this film. Everything is awesome (in this movie)!


5. The Grand Budapest Hotel

I was already partial to this film when I discovered it was written and directed by the wonderful Wes Anderson. The film, set in the 1930’s, is quirky but also has a dark side, and is one that I would definitely recommend sitting down to watch, even if you aren’t Anderson’s biggest fan.


6. Gone Girl

This is one movie, that even after three years since its release date, still finds its way into conversations between my girl friends. It is a captivating storyline, and one that appeals to both sexes (I know this because as I am writing this my boyfriend keeps saying its ‘a good movie’), which makes it the ideal date-night movie, with a twist!

7. Interstellar

Directed by Christopher Nolan. Need I say more? This science fiction movie, starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, is a thought-provoking film with fabulous cinematography. Be aware, it is quite complicated but so was Inception…



8. The Imitation Game

WOW! I watched this film in my English class and it was just amazing! I love watching films that are based on historical moments in time, and this one has to come close to topping the list. Based in 1939, it is an alternate look at the events that took place in World War 2. I think I enjoyed this film so much because it really showed the hidden heroes that history books often fail to mention.

9. 22 Jump Street

This is the only sequel that makes my list, but for good reason! You know those movies that continue to be quoted years after they are released? Yeah, this is one of them. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are perfect for their roles of undercover cops and the humour from the two of them undooubtedly makes this film!


10. Selma

As I mentioned before, I love movies that tackle history, and this one is one of the greatest examples of that. Set in a time where discrimination was still rampant, this film follows Dr. Martin Luther King’s epic march from Selma to Montgomery.

It was only after writing this list that I realised how good 2014 was for film. Each of these films is vastly different and made an impact in their own way. Please do yourself a favour and make some time to watch these films. You won’t be disappointed. Let me know if you think I have missed any films from 2014 that need to be on the list! What do you think of the best 2014 movies?
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