The 20 Most Instagrammable Spots In Melbourne

You can't always rely on luck and good lighting to fill your feed with amazing photos. So, here are 20 of the best Instagrammable spots in Melbourne.

Whether you’re just visiting or you’ve decided to become a tourist in your own city, finding the most Instagrammable spots in Melbourne to showcase your epic adventures can be super difficult sometimes. More often than not, your grid may end up looking very repetitive if you don’t have the right locations for your shots — so where can you find these places that will make your Instagram look magical? Well, sometimes you might get lucky and stumble upon an epic hideaway, but when you can’t always rely on luck, you might need a bit of help. So, here are 20 of the best Insta-worthy places in Melbourne to share with your followers!

1. Hosier Lane — where graffiti is an art, not vandalism

Regardless of how you view graffiti, Hosier Lane is not to be missed. Melbourne is known for graffiti lanes, a sprawling expansion of artwork that showcases the love for Melbourne and the talent Melburnians have with a can of paint and a brick wall. Find a decorated doorway or your favourite art piece and strike a pose; anyone in Hosier Lane is happy to take a photo of you, as long as you’re happy to take a photo of them in return (Melbourne is a give-and-take city, we trust each other enough to do stuff like that)

2. The National Gallery of Victoria — change your perspective and look up.

Photos of artwork is great, but at the NGV the architecture is even greater. Look up and admire Leonard French’s work, catch it in the right light and then move on through the gallery as there is sure to be an amazing exhibition on show!


3. The Royal Botanical Gardens — nature at the heart of Melbourne

An urban city, where you’d never expect to have such a sprawling garden of flora in one place, but here it is, in all it’s glorious beauty throughout the entire year. Find hidden nooks and crannies of flowers and greenery, but be mindful of the nature around you.

4. Eureka Skydeck — 88 floors off the ground

Get the 360 view of Melbourne’s inner city living from the height of 88 stories, hop out onto the observation deck or brave The Edge. This place you must purchase a ticket to ascend to the Skydeck but your ticket lasts for as long as you want it to on the day you purchase it, or purchase a Sun & Stars upgrade that allows two visits on the same day for you to get those perfect shots of sunset but also spend time in other places around Melbourne! More information about the Eureka Skydeck can be found here.


5. Melbourne Rooftops — climb to some of the greatest pics you’ll ever take

Try out the rooftop cafes and bars, like Rooftop Bar (Swanston Street, Melbourne) Naked in the Sky (Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) or the Rooftop at QT (Russell Street, Melbourne), and find incredible views of Melbourne’s inner city and bustling suburbs.

6. State Library of Victoria — please keep sound off

Reading rooms, galleries and the famous Dome Room offers perfect photo opportunities. Even better if there’s a festival like Whitenight, because the State Library always puts on a great light show!


7. The Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens — tranquility at it’s finest

A less well-known spot for tourists (and a bit further out than the inner suburbs of Melbourne), the gardens are gorgeous, especially in Autumn, and always offer a great photo opportunity. The trip there is about an hour long, but so worth it when you arrive; make a day of it with a group of friends and enjoy a nature break.

8. St Kilda — Beach, Pier and Luna Park

A perfect place for those sunset shots, with gorgeous beach sunsets, always-entertaining Luna Park and an endless pier

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9. Montsalvat — the hidden gem of Eltham

A slice of rustic Europe in Melbourne, the Montsalvat offers endless potential for photo opportunities!

(Congratulations Chris & Mads!)

10. The Shrine of Remembrance — Lest We Forget

This tribute to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice neighbours the Royal Botanic Gardens and offers idyllic views of the city and the gardens. It’s a wonderful place to reflect on the past and admire Melbourne.


11. Dandenong Ranges National Park — nature is the greatest medicine

Neighbouring the Alfred Nicholas Gardens, this location is best in conjunction with visits to Mount Dandenong or Olinda for great food and views. Immerse yourself in the Melbourne you don’t always see in tourist magazines, pack your good walking shoes and take a trek through the Ranges with friends or family.

12. St Paul’s Cathedral — when beauty meets history

Whether you snap a shot of the outside, inside or the stain-glass windows and doors, the peacefulness of this church knows no bounds and it’s always good to sit and relax for a little bit.


13. Flinders Street Station — the tourist icon

Flinders Street Station is always a great shot to take. Regardless of if you’re in the underground subway, at the steps or under the clocktower, you will always find a great photo here and if you’re lucky enough to be in the city on a night of celebration, hopefully you get an epic shot of the festivities!

14. Brighton Beach Boxes — the colourful addition to your Insta-grid

Brighton’s brightly painted wooden houses are a staple of Brighton Beach, each little box house used as storage and/or a change room. They’re gorgeous and cheerful, and if you find a favourite, make sure to make that the perfect shot!


15. Captain Cook’s Cottage — a little slice of fairytales

The oldest building in Melbourne, Captain Cook’s Cottage is full of interesting facts and is a must-see for everyone, with amazing greenery and ambience, your photos will come out looking like a fairytale dream come true every time.


16. Bushrangers Bay — an ocean treasure

Reward yourself (and your Instagram) after an easy 2.6km trek with a remote bay, surrounded by basalt cliffs and home to crystal clear rock pools. Bonus, because the trek starts from the Cape Schank Lighthouse (another great photo opportunity!)

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17. 333 Collins Street — architecture appreciation

So it’s known that beautiful things that aren’t seen or noticed become more beautiful when they are, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at 333 Collins Street. If you’re a Melburnian, you’ve probably walked passed it a few times and never thought twice about it, and if you’re a tourist in Melbourne, it’s doubtful you’ve even heard of it. But this architectural beauty makes a wonderful shot, with a domed ceiling and lengths of antique hallways.

18. East Warburton Redwood Forest — not for climbing

This beautiful forest is full of redwood trees that reach up to the sky and disappear from view and any photo looks amazing, with light streaming through tree canopy or early morning mist curling around leaves. Enjoy the magic this nature brings.


19. The Block Arcade — chocolate, tea and mosaic

Another architectural marvel, with iconic mosaic flooring, the Hopetoun Tea Room and a spectacular selection of cafes, gifts and charm. Often confused with the Royal Arcade, which is another photogenic area for you to check out as well!

20. Ponyfish Island — floating bars, city views and the Yarra River

Anywhere along the Yarra River is an amazing shot, with paths and bridges galore, but the most Instagrammable part has got to be Ponyfish Island, a floating bar that gives you an incredible view of the city and also amazing food.

Do you have any other Instagrammable spots in Melbourne that deserve a place on this list? How did you come across them? Are they special to you? Tell us in the comments below!
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