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The 10 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet In The Gold Coast

The 10 Types Of Guys You’ll Meet In The Gold Coast

Are you wondering what kinds of men are out there for you to date? Here are the 10 types of guys in the Gold Coast that you'll meet!

Here are the 10 types of guys in the Gold Coast that you’ll meet!

The Ego Massager

Let us start the list with the most annoying kind. He is the guy who is obsessed with himself. It is important that we love ourselves and be obsessed by ourselves but not like the “Ego Massager”. They want to tell the world about what a capable “Man” he is.

The Pretty Face

Well, he is pretty. So good to watch. So good to check out. But when he opens his mouth, the intellect in you dies.


The Friendzoned One

He gets friend zoned. Do not mistake me, he is a very nice guy and any girl would be very lucky to have him. But he is friend zoned because he is a little too nice. The girl who actually ends up with him would be very loved by him.

The Creepy One

He looks at you in the way that one would eye a luscious burger. LOL.

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The One Night Stand One

You can stand him… For one night

The Gym Freak

Their Instagram is filled with half naked pictures of themselves and of the gym. Half naked gym because there is hardly any people at gym when he is taking the picture.

The Traveller

The guy with all the vlogs, blogs about photography, photography. Articles which are on the lines of “Why it is necessary for people to travel”


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The Lame One

He is so lame that people take a while to understand. Haha.

The Innate Casanova

He is the guy who finds it difficult to even be linked to a girl even if he has arrived to a few parties with that same girl.

The Man a.k.a Husband Material

Being a Masters student you end up meeting people who are doing their Masters and have all the qualities of the man to marry. It is necessary to be this kind of guy at some point in life. This is not because of the “marriage” bit. But because you are a good person to have a conversation with.

What other types of guys in the Gold Coast have you met? Share in the comments below!
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