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10 Student Instagrammers From UniSA That You Need To Follow

10 Student Instagrammers From UniSA That You Need To Follow


Instagram is the perfect platform for people to express themselves, and showcase different and exciting aspects of their lives. For university students, this includes campus views, study dates, sports games and fun pictures with friends. Most of us tend to follow accounts filled with pictures of our favourite celebrities, cute animals, and our family and friends, however there are tons of amazing Instagram accounts from our fellow university students that we’re missing out on! That’s why I’ve found 10 student Instagrammers from UniSA that you need to follow right now.

1. Jesse Neill (@jesse_neill)

Jesse and I have been very good friends ever since we met through mutual friends at UniSA. For almost a year now, I’ve been following his Instagram and trust me, it’s worth it. Between the candids with friends, astounding photography from gigs/concerts, and pictures from a ton of social events, he is someone that you need to follow. Check out his recent adventures in Asia; the photos look absolutely incredible.


2. Cara Kolopelnyk (@caraninakolo)

This account is the very definition of Instagram. Cara’s Instagram is filled with artsy pictures of food, alluring flora and fauna, amazing artwork, and breath-taking photos of sunsets and oceanic views. Based on the very principles of Instagram, you have to be following Cara.

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3. Kym Harris (@kymharris)

This local socialite lives a pretty fun and busy life according to his Instagram. Between the gigs/concerts, dinner with friends and travels around the state, Kym is living life. Also, does anyone else think we have an Angus O’Loughlin look-alike on our hands? Just another reason to follow this handsome fellow.

4. Stella (@abynguyn)

Without a doubt, Stella’s Instagram has major aesthetics. The greyish undertone of her photos gives off deep Tumblr vibes (which, I’m definitely not mad about). Apart from that, Stella’s Instagram is filled with the amazing city of Adelaide as well as couple of other foreign places. If you’re all about aesthetically pleasing accounts, then Stella’s is the one for you.


5. Lara Piluski Santini (@larinhaaps)

Lara is from Brazil so naturally she’s gorgeous as heck, as is her Instagram. Not following this girl would be a terrible mistake as you’d be missing out on the beauty of tons of astonishing waterfront pictures and remarkable images from her various travels around Asia.

6. Bianca Leah (@biancasartworld)

Bianca is currently completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at UniSA, which means that she definitely has an artistic streak and her Instagram is evidence of that. Exactly as described in the name of her account, Bianca’s Instagram showcases her epic artwork. You should definitely be following this upcoming Picasso.

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7. Jesse Kolega (@koleje)

Hit107 worker, Jesse, is the Gretchen Wieners of this category: the totally under-rated queen bee, except instead of spilling secrets, he spills the details of his amazing life. Follow his Instagram to check out behind the scenes of Hit107, to see some peaceful scenic views, and to see some exquisite sights from his photos of Europe. Not to mention, you can’t go wrong with a dude who looks good in a suit.


8. Annabel Bowles (@annabel_bowles)

Another good friend of mine you should follow is Annabel. Annabel’s Instagram is perfect for those who enjoy the blogger-style layout. Her Instagram gives off very artsy vibes with high quality photos and phenomenal landscapes (with a couple of selfies thrown into the mix). Make sure to also check out Annabel’s blog!


9. Matilda Gilfillan (@matildagilfillan)

All I could think of when I first discovered Matilda’s Instagram was how jealous I was! Some of the photos look like they came straight out of a travel pamphlet. Beach lover Matilda’s Instagram is perfect for you if you’re interested in seeing some beautiful beach fronts, Instagram-worthy dishes, and amazing views from her travels.


10. Stuart Reid (@stueyreid)

Stuart is keen traveller and social butterfly, and his Instagram proves that. Candid pictures with friends, scenic views from his travelling adventures, and a notorious selfie-taker: Stuart is definitely someone you need to follow. Plus, he’s not too bad on the eyes – trust me, you’ll thank me later ladies.

We hope that these new student Instagrammers from UniSA have livened up your Instagram feed!

If you want some self-promo or think that another Instagram deserves to be added to the list, leave the Instagram @ name in the comments section below!
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