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10 Signs You’re Definitely A Film Student

10 Signs You’re Definitely A Film Student

Movies are life and you have dedicated your time at university to film. These are the 10 relatable signs that you're definitely a film student!

Movies are life and you have dedicated your time at university to becoming an expert in film. Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, or in your last year of university, you can definitely relate to these 10 signs you’re a film student!

10 signs you're a film student!

1. You start your conversations with the most popular movies

It may be an action, musical, or comedy, but no matter what it is, you always bring up the most popular movies. You just want to keep your reputation strong. Even if you have only watched the movie once, you feel like you need to have enough knowledge about the for your friends who aren’t taking film.


2. You sometimes force yourself to like Oscar nominated films

Admit it you’re a phony. You don’t really like La La Land and you don’t even like musicals. You only tell your friends how good the nominated films are through the reviews. You’re a professional at memorizing critiques and using that to talk about the films.

3. You Bull the shizzz out of your essays

When talking about a man walking in a house in a movie, use tons of details and get very specific about what’s going on. You know how to make your lecturers give you an A in film even though you should be getting it in Psychology.

10 signs you're a film student!


4. Your heart drops when you lose 6 hours of editing because Premiere Pro’s auto save crashes

Just thinking about it makes you want to pull your hair out. That moment when you have been working so hard for your assignment for 6 hours and Premiere Pro crashes. Ahhhhhh!!!! #BRB dying.

5. You struggle to watch films

Picture this: you’re sitting down in the cinemas, the movie starts and you see the first scene and you think about the establishing shot and how perfectly framed it is and how the colour temperature suits the title. Next thing you know, your friends ask you “so what do you think of the movie?”. The struggle.

10 signs you're a film student!

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6. You over analyse movies, which makes your friends hate them

Mise en scene, cinematography, editing, sound etc. there are so many things to talk about when analyzing a movie, yet there is a radar for non-film students. You must have crossed it at least once when talking about movies with your friends.

7. You hate the question, ‘What’s your favourite film?’

Why would anyone even ask this when you’re taking a course called ‘Film’ that requires you to love all films?

8. You don’t want to be a director anymore

At the start of university, you made up your mind that you wanted to be a director. However, once you did your assignments with people who aren’t capable of listening, you ended up thinking about editing as a career. There’s more jobs in editing, right?

9. You question whether you made the right decision

You like-like movies and you question yourself at least once every year whether liking is enough for you to have it as a major in university. Every film major has done this at least once, it’s natural.

10 signs you're a film student!

10. You don’t really care what people think about your course

“Film, is that even a real course?” this is the question that is typically asked to you. Your parents, friends, and colleagues will all ask it. You don’t really care enough to explain that it is a multi billion industry which mirrors the history of the world. That it is a course that hides encoded meanings and requires decoding. It has different genres that are languages, different styles, format, and lighting. LOL I got carried away. I thought I was writing an essay.

10 signs you're a film student!

Do you have any other signs you’re a film student!? Share in the comments below!

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