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20 Signs You and Your BFF are the Same Person

20 Signs You and Your BFF are the Same Person


When you spend enough time with someone, you can become so alike you forget you’re not actually twins or related at all. Chances are you and your BFF are extremely alike, and that you know everything about your sister from another mister. See if you can identify with any of these 20 signs… if you can, you and your BFF might pretty much be the same person.

1. Your friendship origin story is different from anyone else’s.

Or you two agreed change minor details of the original story that is common to everyone else and make it into your own… because who wants a simple story of you meeting in school when you can create a story that’s good enough to turn into a movie?

2. You know EVERYTHING about each other.

From your birthdays, to your parents’ names, to a full list of each other’s crushes along with the duration of having said crush, you both know it all. But nothing leaves the friendship!


3. Both of your interests are completely alike.

There is nothing that you both don’t enjoy or can’t do together.

4. You both constantly communicate with each other 24/7.

Face-to-face conversation by day, text messages by night.

5. You both own the same clothes.

….And some of “your” items are probably actually hers.


6. You can tolerate each other jokes and puns.

No matter how terrible the joke and how cringe-y the pun… you stay by her side.

7. Your matching costume game is always on point.

Look out, parties.

You and your BFF can show your love through matching costumes!

8. People started to give you two a ship name because you are never apart.

Not weird at all. Totally normal.

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9. And if you are apart, it drives you insane.

Your lives pretty much depend on each other’s existence.

10. You arrive to events together, even when you come separately.

You don’t need to wait for each other because you both arrive on the dot… And then you proceed to talk about how much you love each other the entire night.

11. You both ended up at the same university.

Bonus points for having the same schedule… #NEVERALONE.


12. When your song plays, you both instantly bust a move.

Because obviously your friendship has its own anthem.

13. You don’t hide anything from one another.

There’s no such thing as a secret.


14. When buying food, you already know what you each want.

No point in wasting precious time. Chances are, you want the same thing anyways.

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15. You’re already planning on moving in with one another.

You’re still studying and yet you are already on real estate sites looking for an apartment for you two to own once you graduate. Because, you know, your friendship will last forever.


16. When it comes to co-op in video games, you two are unbeatable.

You no longer have to talk or yell to each other – you communicate telepathically and no one can beat you.

17. You can tell when the other is upset.

You don’t even have to ask… you know what’s up just from looking at them.

18. You now consider each other sisters.

Because it’s more than a friendship… it’s a family.


19. You say the same exact thing at the same exact time.

Don’t act like you and your friends have never done this before.

20. You are showing this to your best friend right now counting how many of these are true.

And I bet most of them are accurate as hell, aren’t they?

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