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20 Signs You Go To University Of New South Wales

20 Signs You Go To University Of New South Wales

From your traumatic experiences with public transport to your newfound coffee addiction, here are 20 signs you go to University of New South Wales.

Whether you like it or not, UNSW is going to make its mark on you from the very second you step out of Central Station and line up for your bus ride to the university. From your traumatic experiences with public transport to your newfound coffee addiction, here are 20 signs you go to University of New South Wales that will make you a quintessential UNSW student.

1. You get #triggered when you see the numbers 8, 9 and 1.

Your reliance on the appearance of these numbers to get you where you need to be have become so intense that’s it’s almost cultish. Move aside, 666 – never has a set of numbers been so revered, feared and hated.

2. You have an irrational fear of public transport, period.

Having been through an emotionally manipulative relationship where you were frequently left waiting, stood up or ghosted, you have developed serious trust issues which will no doubt scar you for the rest of your life.


3. Your calves are superbly toned.

Puh-lease. Everybody knows that the unofficial motto for UNSW is ‘Every day is leg day at UNSW’.


4. You know that the Engineering Faculty is the darling of the university.

Ugh, we get it. University of New South Wales Engineering. Everybody loves them.

5. You have become incredibly good at waiting.

Case in point: Roundhouse – 2018. Light rail – 2019. Trimesters – 2019.


6. You know what VG stands for.

You play sport there, it’s where the Greenhouse is, VG is love, VG is life. What you probably didn’t know is that there used to be a lake on the VG.


7. You know that there’s always a naked lady on campus.

Hint – she’s a fountain.

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8. When the symbol of the letter ‘m’ no longer just stands for ‘McDonalds’.

How could it, when Moodle stores your entire life in its database? From your course outlines to Turnitin to your grades, the little orange ‘m’ has become your life source.


9. When you use the term ‘the White House’, you’re most likely not discussing the current state of US politics with the socialist protesters.

Instead, you’re most likely planning a cute lunch at the university’s vintage-chic two-story café of the same name. Most likely.

10. When you know that you sit on the Library Lawn at your own risk.

Don’t be fooled by the nice grass. You’ll be approached by marketers from various societies so many times that you’ll wish the ibises would just take your lunch because you’re never going to finish it before your next class at this rate, anyway.


11. When you think of COFA* and ADFA as distant cousins.

Though you’ll probably never see them, you feel a strange sort of kinship with the hippie art students and the military trainees.


12. You get #triggered again when you hear the name ‘Basser’.

It’s been said so many times before, but I’ll say it again – this staircase has got to be one of the most hated in all of Sydney.

13. You laugh whenever you hear the word ‘Usyd’.

The rivalry between UNSW and the University of Sydney is real. But, you know what? Let the 2017 QS World Rankings speak for themselves. #numberoneinNSWyall #takethathogwarts


14. You simultaneously love and hate the colour yellow.

It’s the school colour. What did you expect?


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15. When you start believing that you can actually find love on UNSW Love Letters.

That ‘cute brunette in the denim jacket standing outside the Science Theatre on Wednesday 5pm’? Yeah. That might have been you.


16. When you’ve become a coffee-addict.

So. Many. Coffee. Places. On. Campus. Trust me, coffee-virgins. You’ll be converted. I was.

17. You’ve told your non-UNSW friends that you have a Max Brenner on campus at least twice.

You’d be lying if you said that this was not a major factor in your decision to enroll in UNSW.


18. You’ve been to three Roundhouse parties, a ball, two camps and seven revues in the first four weeks of uni.

Everybody knows that University of New South Wales is renowned for their student life, but less known is their ability to make you feel major FOMO.


19. When you try to book a library study room for next week but the only space left is a Media Booth at 7am.

The Booths are dark, they’re public, and the HDMI screens don’t work. Once again you’re reminded of why you hate group tasks.

20. When you have a student ID card that looks like this.

Nothing is more satisfying than sticker collecting. Sometimes they’re the only reasons why you pay $10 to join a society who holds one free BBQ in the entire year.


*UNSW has formally changed its name to UNSW Art & Design in 2014, however is still locally known as COFA.

Do you know any other signs you go to University of New South Wales? Let us know in the comments below!
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