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Rules You Need To Set In Order To Get Along With Your Housemates

Rules You Need To Set In Order To Get Along With Your Housemates

It can be hard living with people because everyone has their own ways of doing things.These are rules that will help you get along with your housemates!

There comes a certain time in your life where you finally move out of your parents’ home. No more paying your parents rent, no more cleaning unnecessary messes, and definitely no more answering to “so, when are you planning to move out?” You go to and you find the cutest home near all the hustle and bustle. Finally, you say to yourself, the freedom, the possibilities

And then you realize, not everything is what it seems… your roommates leave the dishes piled up in the sink, the floors are filled with crumbs, the garbage buzzing with flies, and they have house parties until ungodly hours of the night. Alright, you say to yourself, enough is enough. Here are rules to set in order to get along with your housemates and make your home a happy place!

1. Communication is key.

When in doubt, express your concerns to your roommates or rather a roommate that your comfortable telling and they’ll in turn send that message to the rest of the gang. After all, if you signed up to become a maid in the house you would’ve said so.


2. Try the subtle hint approach.

By putting passive aggressive notes like “please, help this house remain clean” or alternatively a rhyme and a cute picture underneath. This way, no one is directly being blamed and everyone happily contributes to the chores.

3. Set boundaries.

If you’re an early sleeper, cramming for an exam, or have an early shift in the morning… let your roommates know. But always be sure to hear your roommates needs and routine and find a mutual ground that benefits everyone. The best way to go about setting boundaries is informing your house mate on the first day what makes you tick and what makes you happy about your previous experiences in a form of a story. This way, it’s a subtle hint expressed through your feelings about the experience without forcefully saying “I don’t like when…”.


4. A chore calendar.

The best way to equally distribute chores around the house to maintain cleanliness and get rid of unwanted critters is to put up a chore calendar. The chore calendar lists the name and chores. This way, everyone is responsible and accountable.

Do you have any other good rules you need to set in order to get along with your housemates!? Share in the comments below!

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