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10 Round Beach Towels You Need For Summer

10 Round Beach Towels You Need For Summer

Summer's right around the corner and we have all the round beach towels and towel designs you need to get through it! Turkish, mandala, retro and more!

With Summer quickly approaching, I thought now would be a good time to start exploring the new ranges of beach ware that is becoming available. With that in mind, I went to the Cotton On Website to find their stock of stylish round beach towels. I found a great range, all for $34.95, so here is my list of 10 Round Beach Towels you need for Summer!

1. Flamingo

Flamingo print is in right now! Now you can stay up to date with the latest trend with this beach towel.


2. Lazy Girls’ Club

A sassy beach towel that could become a staple for the girl group. Get all your besties to buy this and you’ll end up with the cutest Instagram for sure!

3. Boho Paisley Purple

For something a little more subdued, why not try this purple-toned towel? The tassels are just gorgeous, too!


4. Orange Tile

Add a little more colour with this orange mandala-style towel! Imagine finding complementary bathers to finish off this look…


5. Fiesta Mandala

For those that can’t go anywhere without that pop of colour, this is the mandala for you!  Such a vibrant look for on the sand, and don’t forget to take some nice pictures!

6. Black/White Mandala

This towel would have to be one of my favourites. I really like the print, and the black and white centre, which then accentuates the bright green tassels!



7. Ombré Watermelon

For something a little different, this is the towel you need to get. It is just the cutest print ever!

8. MTV

I like the kind of ‘retro’ vibes oozing from this towel, and the combo of colours is very cool! Perfect for a chilled out day laying on the beach.


9. Zig Zag Palm

This is quite different then all the other towels thus far. The sharp edges and colour that fade from the centre are interesting and make for an almost geometrical vibe.  

10. Reserved

The last towel that I put on the list was this sassy ‘reserved’ towel. No one will dare take your spot if you whip this out!


Make sure you hit the trend this Summer and pick yourself up one of these super cool round beach towels! All are available (plus more) from Cotton On for $34.95.

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