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10 Room Décor Inspo Instagrams To Follow

10 Room Décor Inspo Instagrams To Follow

Here are room decor inspo Instagrams to follow if you love interorior design. These interior design Instagrams are great for getting inspiration.
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I don’t know why, but I have an obsession with stalking Instagram accounts of interior design for room decoration inspiration. I think it might be the fact that I live in a small dorm room where not much can be changed, so I live vicariously through my Instagram, making plans for how it will be different when I move out. But lucky for you these 10 Instagram accounts have elements that can easily be recreated regardless of the room’s size, meaning that even if you don’t have that much space to work with you can still have a room that is the envy of others. So, keep reading to see 10 Instagram accounts to follow for some room décor inspiration. Here are the room decor inspo Instagrams to follow.

1. Mr Kate Dot Com

Mr Kate is a great account to follow when you are wanting to revamp your living space, due to its constantly changing style, whether it be the classic minimalistic look as pictured above or something full of colour, they definitely have you covered. And if you are a fan of watching other people’s homes get transformed you can even subscribe to their YouTube channel where they give tips on easy ways to change your space.

2. Green House Interiors

Green House Interiors is the account to follow to get bright pops of colour throughout your Instagram feed and some room décor inspiration at the same time. And they also constantly feature other interior design accounts, so you can definitely go on a décor inspiration binge.


3. Indie Home Collective

Looking for an account that focuses on big room reveals and the tiny details? Then the Indie Home Collective is for you. Their feed is filled with whole room designs, with a touch of extravagance as pictured above, but also close up shots of plant storage or how to fill up table space in a presentable, styled way. This is one of the fun room decor inspo Instagrams to follow.

4. In Bed

In Bed is an Instagram account with a focus on capturing lifestyle shots that can be achieved simply through essential linens and sleepwear, all of which they sell. And it is based in Australia, with all products made from high quality, ethically sourced products.

5. The Design Files

The Design Files are a great account to follow for cosy bedroom decoration, with lots of texture, layered blankets, cushion and colour.


6. Small Bedroom Design

This account is full of bedroom ideas designed for small rooms, with the pictures alone giving tips and tricks on how to save space in your own room. The key one being to save space by doubling up on how the floor space is used, this as simple as using a loft bed.



7. Design Sponge

Maybe you want to implement what you see but don’t necessarily want to change your whole room, and that is why you should follow Design Sponge. They upload images not only of full rooms that have been turned around, but provide inspiration on simple ways to update your room without the price of buying all new furniture. Definitely one of the room decor inspo Instagrams to follow!



8. Black Arrow Co

Repurposing is key in the designs that are created in the Black Arrow Co Instagram account, with each of the items in the shots appearing multiple times throughout the feed, showing how you can change it up without spending a fortune.



9. Salted Grace Interiors

The Salted Grace Interiors account is filled with rooms that have large artworks or flower decals on the walls, adding something whimsical to the styled room. If this is your style, definitely give this account a follow to see how it can be done.


10. Grey and Scout

If you are a fan of simple styling, natural lighting and floral elements Grey and Scout is the Instagram account for you, with these elements the obvious star in their account. This is one of those room decor inspo Instagrams to follow if you are a minimalist!

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