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20 Reasons Your Uni Mates Are Your Best Mates

20 Reasons Your Uni Mates Are Your Best Mates


Your years at Uni will be the best of times and the worst of times. That’s why the people you meet there will know you better than anyone else. Here are 20 reasons your uni mates are your best mates, even once your years there are done!

 1. It’s all one big support network.

University is a scary place and no one said it was going to be easy. Thankfully with your uni buddies by your side, you can have an amazing support network that will help you through thick and thin.

2. You can stress over assignments together.

As much as it sucks, stressing over assignments and due dates exist. Fortunately, you don’t have to stress alone as your uni mates are here to stress with you and support you through it.


3. You can trade uni tips and tricks.

There’s many tips and tricks around a university campus. It’s most likely that one of your uni mates will know something you don’t (like a big bowl of cheese fries at the café for $5, which is a perfect and delicious procrastination snack might I add).

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4. Your social life becomes much bigger.

I remember when I was younger I used to complain to my mum that I didn’t have enough people to go to places with. Well, that’s all changed now! Having uni mates means more social events like birthdays, going to lunch together, being way too loud at the beach playground and just living life together.

5. You learn so many different things about life.

You’re bound to come across many different people during your time on earth and its guaranteed all these people that you do meet have different life experiences. When these people are your uni mates, you can learn all different things about life, big or small.


6. You all share similar interests.

It’s so much easier to talk, socialise and make friends when you have similar interest. Having uni mates that have similar or the same interests as you is just another thing that makes them so great.

7. Group chats on Facebook are the best thing to ever exist.

I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve stayed awake because of the group chat I am in with my uni mates. Group chats make you laugh, make you think about the universe, help you appreciate the finer things in life and of course helps you with the assignments that we dread every semester.

8. You meet many different people.

University comes with diversity, and that the same with your uni mates. You’re bound to meet some really different people (in a good way, of course).


9. There’s always time to go out for food or a night out.

You know when you have assignments that you need to do but you just want to go out and eat way too much and talk with friends, or even party the night away so you can forget about university for a little bit? Uni friends are always there for you, whether it’s food, or to make sure you don’t fall into the gutter.

10. You also learn a lot about yourself.

When you’re around people, you tend to learn a lot about yourself and I surely believe that your uni mates can even help you grow into an even better person!

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11. They make university a lot more enjoyable.

I could never imagine my university life without my uni mates. Uni mates make university so much more enjoyable, funnily enough you get into the habit of going to uni for your friends instead of lectures.


12. More pub crawls to enjoy.

You know the old saying, the more the merrier! Uni friends can be from so many different degrees and it’s most likely that these degrees have an annual pub crawl for you and uni friends to enjoy.

13. They are a hand to hold throughout your university years.

No one ever said university was easy (unless you’re a super genius). Thankfully, your uni friends are your hand to hold throughout your years at university as they provide support and they know exactly how you feel too.

14. Memories for life.

Memories are precious things, they create the story books that are our lives. As majority of people study at uni for a minimum of three years, its guaranteed that you’re going to have memories, and uni friends are fantastic as they make some really good memories to look back on (and to also look forward too).


15. The memes you tag each other in are endless.

Thanks to my wonderful uni friends, I get tagged in about at least 5 memes a day. Some are from inside jokes, some are from something completely relatable and other just make me laugh and besides, who doesn’t love memes? So, what are you waiting for? Get tagging.


16. Late night phone calls.

Like the group chat I explained earlier, late night calls are the best with uni mates! No one ever said late night calls were boring. However, if you are going to speak to someone late at night, make sure not to wake up the rest of the group (sorry, guys).

17. Study buddies!

Studying is inevitable at university with things like assignments and exams. However uni mates make studying a little more bearable, as it can be really helpful to get feedback on work or share work around.

18. You manage to develop a nickname within your group.

Yes this is a thing. You might think nicknames are a thing of the past, but oh no, your uni friends will give you a nickname. Whether it’s a shorter version of your name, or even an auto correct fail that you made


19. They make you laugh.

There’s going be times when you’re down, or even times when you jusg need a good laugh. Uni friends will always be there to make you laugh!

20. And in general, they are amazing people.

I can confirm that your uni mates will definitely be one of a kind people and, of course, amazing, so make sure to cherish them and let the good times roll!

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