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10 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Shark Tank TV Show

10 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Shark Tank TV Show

If you haven't watched the Shark Tank TV show yet, then here are the reasons why you should! The cast, judges, and success stories are amazing. Not to mention, there are so many episodes for binge watching.

Shark Tank is about a group of millionaires (and some even billionaires), known as the Sharks, who are looking to invest in small businesses. On the show you hear the pitches from the owners of the companies, and it’s always entertaining. Here are 10 reasons you should be watching the Shark Tank TV show!

1. It teaches you about the business world!

If you’re like me and know nothing about businesses and running it, then Shark Tank will teach you words like equity, and capital and every money talk there is. It’s a learning experience!

2. See some ridiculous pitches

Sometimes when pitching, things can go wrong….very wrong. The Sharks’ faces during these instances will surely bring a smile to your face.


3. See how people’s lives have changed!

Once a Shark invests in a business, it is life changing for the owner of the business. You’ll get to see motivational and inspirational stories that will want you to get out into the world and become an entrepreneur. This Scrub Daddy product is now available worldwide and Laurie, who is one of the Sharks helped turn the business into a 50 million dollar empire!

4. Find products you never knew you existed but now can’t live without!

There are products you just never knew that existed but now you feel like you need it such as volume lowering invisible earbuds or microwave proof mats. It’ll make you want to shop! There’s a product there for everyone.

5. You will fall in love with the Sharks!

Each Shark has a distinctive personality and you can’t help but love what each individual brings to the show.

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6. Drama between Sharks & small business owners

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and people decide to fight! It’s hours of entertainment. Watch this awkward, yet great argument!

7. Drama amongst the Sharks

When there’s such strong personalities, there’ll surely be clashes. This is just one moment of many fights they’ve had!


8. Business beyond what happens on the show

They will show you what happened with the businesses after Sharks have invested in them and see if it’s a success or a failure. There’s also a spin off show, Beyond The Tank, it’s a series dedicated entirely to the businesses afterwards.

9. Mark Cuban’s charm

Mark Cuban is on the Shark Tank TV show. He is a charming goofball with good looks and it’s impossible to not fall in love with him.


10. See some familiar faces!

Even celebrities are getting in on the Shark Tank action and pitching to the Sharks. Check out this hilarious moment by Jimmy Kimmel!

Do you watch the Shark Tank TV show? Let us know in the comment section below!

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