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5 Reasons Why You Should Move On From Tinder

5 Reasons Why You Should Move On From Tinder

There are so many better apps today than Tinder. It is time to move on from the lame dating site ad use other apps out there. Get out of the way Tinder.

It wasn’t too long ago that Tinder took the world by storm, with it’s easy formula to “find friendship. Love, and everything in between” (Though let’s be real, the “in between” part became it’s primary purpose). However, the Tinder glory days are now well and truly over, and it is no longer the dating behemoth it once was. Here are 5 reasons why you should move on to another platform (or you know, maybe talk to someone in real life, you coward).

1) It’s algorithm has become garbage.

Back in the day, matches used to roll out harder than Ludacris,but Tinder has continually changed it’s algorithm for the worse. Now they’re more akin to a slow dribble. Tinder has claimed that this is to encourage people to actually message rather than just endlessly match with people, but in doing so they’ve bottlenecked their primary value proposition, which is the ease of making contact with large numbers. Even that objective hasn’t really been fulfilled either. You have stacks of matches that have been sitting there idle for months. I know you do.


Spoilers: They never spoke.

2) Trump-Style Money-grabbing.

Businesses have to make money, I get it. But Tinder is pulling an apple here, because it seems every new feature is designed to drain your wallet. Back in the day, Tinder Plus was a decent model. Then they tried to sell us boosts for FIVE DOLLARS EACH. Now they’ve added Gold, which they’ve marketed as the next level, but they’ve integrated a caveat in that they move your amount of free boosts from one a week to one a month in an attempt to get you to cough up. They’ve also added in ads (which are still on by default even for plus and gold users; cheeky). The Gold Version (Allowing you to see who’s already liked you) Is pretty mediocre anyway. It takes all the fun out of it.


3) Bots.

The bots have become unbearable, and Tinder seems powerless to stop them. They used to be easy to spot, but they’re now at a stage where they look legitimately real at first glance. It’s incredibly annoying, and it’s getting worse all the time.


4) Old-news.

Tinder is old hat. When it arrived it was new and novel, but you can feel how jaded everyone is with it. It attracts the same amount of enthusiasm as a plate of cereal. Probably because of the above issues. Excluding Gosling. He loves that shit.

5) There are better alternatives.

Really. I get the attraction of Tinder. It seems great on paper, but the reality is that the service is losing attractiveness at an extremely high rate. Maybe if they fixed the above and became a bit more sensitive to their user experience then I wouldn’t be writing this. As of now however, you should probably find some other way to get it on. Scary, I know.

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