5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Bond University

Here are five reasons why I chose to go to Bond University, and why you should come here too! You definitely would not regret it.

Here are five reasons why I chose to go to Bond University, and why you should come here too! You definitely would not regret it.

1. The name is Bond, Bond University

When I started looking for colleges to apply to in Australia, Bond was the first university I came across. It was love at first sight. At first, I did not believe that “it” could exist! Finally, after looking everywhere for the perfect vibe, I came back to “The One” – Bond University. The feeling is similar to getting your letter from Hogwarts!

2. The different type of courses and Time Span

When I started researching the courses provided at Bond University, I came across courses like Criminology, Actuarial Science which focuses on management of risk, Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Interactive Media and design. All of the courses are quick to finish and very comprehensive which is a priority to any student. Bond allows you to get into the practical world quicker than other universities!

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3. The Lake, The Spectacle, The Sheer Beauty!

The view of the Arch, the lake, the campus, the view from every building on campus! Yes! You have a beautiful view from every building and corner on the campus at Bond University. Even if you feel like life is getting monotonous, do not worry! The sights will make you realise how very lucky you are to be here!

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 4. “Me” time is a guarantee you can be assured to receive!

Bond University gives you a feeling of a community which is situated away from the rest of the world. Once you are here, you will realise how important it is to stay away from the world when you are studying subjects your heart desires.  For all those looking for a party overload during their weekends, do not fret! We have our favourite hub “Surfers Paradise” where you can be a tourist along with being a full time student! Beach, food, shopping, parties, clubs etc. all of it in one place!

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5. The length of semesters along with the weekly parties!

The length of the semesters is crisp, clean and on point. You gain as much knowledge as you require during each semester and get done early too! To add on to the glory, we have weekly parties at our very own “Don’s” which gives you a chance to stretch your legs out and chill. Trust me, you will need it!

Welcome To Bond University!

Why did you choose to go to Bond University? Share in the comments below!
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