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20 Reasons Why Bond University Is The Absolute Best

20 Reasons Why Bond University Is The Absolute Best

Bond University is legit the place to be. Great teachers, small class sizes and add to that a spectacular campus and close vicinity to the beach.

Bond University is legit the place to be. Great teachers, small class sizes and add to that a spectacular campus and close vicinity to the beach. Like, come on, who doesn’t want to study at the Gold Coast? Read on if you need anymore convincing.

1. The most Instagram worthy campus in Australia

Forget the shots of those old sandstone buildings at places like the University of Sydney. Move in, Bond University’s majestic arch. Your insta feed will soon be filled with Bond shots. Fun fact: The arch is actually the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.

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2. The bells play songs

Who wants a boring old bell when you can have Waltzing Matilda playing at 3pm everyday?

3.  Free food on Wednesdays!

Who doesn’t love free food? Bondies certainly do and that’s why we get free lunch at Wednesday by the Water. Just remember to have your phone handy for entertainment while you wait in the obscenely long line…

4. Puppies

Want to calm that assignment stress by hugging puppies? Bond has you covered!


5. Small class sizes

Seriously though, this is one of the things that drew me to Bond. Small class sizes make tutorial discussion actually possible and you get to know your teachers.

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6. That study view

Cause who doesn’t love to study with a view of the lake?


7. Internationals, internationals everywhere!

You meet people from literally everywhere. Imagine all those travel opportunities!

8. Thursday night Dons

Whether it’s Gender Bender, Frat Party or Barnyard, Thursday night Dons has got you covered for your Bachelor in Drinking.


9. Numerous events with free food and a free drink or two

There are events all the time. Mainly speakers events and many of these are free (or only require a donation). 101 in how to lure Bondies to events: offer free food and drinks. They mostly deliver on this front.

10. Fireworks

Bond knows how to put on a show and this includes the spectacular fireworks displays. We joke we know where our fees are going to… But seriously these are amazing.


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11. Res Wars

Mini Sporting Competition between the four residential areas of Bond. Chance to get your bit of exercise if you skipped the gym. Did I mention there’s also free food?

12. Location, location, location

GC. No need for explanation.

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13. Res Dinner

End of semester treat for students living on campus. It’s free, which is helpful when your Bra dining card is almost empty and you can’t afford food.

14. The Lake

It’s vast and beautiful. Just try not to get eaten by bull sharks if you decide to go for a dip.


15. Free food (again!) during exams

Exam and study week = free food everywhere!


16. The gym

If you actually fulfill your “I’ll go to the gym more” resolution, the Bond gym is the one to pick. The facilities are world class and you can often run into Olympic athletes training there.

17. The lecturers

These people are pretty great. Many have years of industry experience. There’s also the legendary Russel who makes Core 1 just that bit more bearable.


18. The MLC facilities

The MLC (Multimedia Learning Centre) is a great place for study… as long as you get up at 4am to bags a table

19. Smoothies

Albeit pricey, these are actually pretty decent.

20. The names Bond, Bond University

Who doesn’t love a good James Bond reference? Why not call yourself a Bond Girl?


Why do you think Bond University is the absolute best? Share in the comments below!
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