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6 Reasons To Have Short Hair For The Summer

6 Reasons To Have Short Hair For The Summer

Seriously - having short hair for the summer is the best. Find out why you should have short hair for the summer and much more manageable it is. These are the pros of having short hair.

Long hair may look luscious, but lets face it, it’s also guaranteed to make you sweat through summer, jump in fear of a spider crawling on you, and make people think you have a dog with all that shedding… Here’s 6 reasons you should take the plunge and get the chop this summer! Seriously – having short hair for the summer is the best.

Less Maintenance

The shorter the hair, the less time you have to spend washing it, drying it and figuring out what to do with it in the morning. And saving time means you’ll have more free space in your schedule for important thing like Netflix. It’s the ultimate lazy-girl, low maintenance, tight on time move.

Saving Money

With saving time comes saving money. You won’t need as much shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, gel, or whatever else you usually attack your hair with. Less hair = less product = more dollars in your bank account for other, more exciting purchases.


Goodbye Sweat

Ok, so you probably won’t stop sweating all together, but if there’s one thing we can agree on it’s that Australian summer can be BRUTAL!! Having your long hair dangling leads to some serious neck sweat (sexy). Less hair = less sweat = a happier you who’s not melting (quite) so badly under the sun.

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Healthier, Stronger, Shinier Hair

Cutting your hair will improve its health dramatically. Even on the first day you can’t help but touch it because it feels so silky and soft! It also means that your hair will grow back faster and healthier than before. So having the chop is an ideal choice, especially if you’ve damaged yours extensively with dying chemicals or heat tools.


You’ll Feel Free

In addition to sweating less, your hair will no longer be in your face, caught in your eyes, stuck in your armpits, tangled in necklaces, trapped in handbag straps, and just generally in your way when you try to do anything ever…

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You Can Make a Difference

Cutting off your hair isn’t just a good thing for you. If it’s long enough, you can donate your locks to charity, so they can be made into wigs for kids who have lost theirs due to an illness such as Alopecia or cancer. In Australia, one of the only charities that do this is Variety the Children’s Charity. You can find out more about donating your hair here.

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