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5 Reasons To Go To Bond University

5 Reasons To Go To Bond University

Bond University is a great uni. Here are 5 reasons why you should go to Bond University without a doubt. This school has so many wonderful assets!

Back in 2015 when I was in year 12, choosing the right university was a huge decision. Now nearly completed my degree at Bond University, I’m certain I made the right choice. Bond was established in 1989 as Australia’s first private university. For the following reasons I chose to go here, it is no surprise Bond has been ranked number 1 for student experience for the 11th consecutive year. Here are 5 reasons why you should absolutely go to Bond University.

1. The Location

Bond is located on the Gold Coast, one of the most popular tourist locations in Queensland. Only an hour away from Brisbane, the Gold Coast features theme parks, beautiful beaches, endless amazing restaurants and an exciting clubbing scene. There is always something to do not far from uni.

2. The length of the degrees

One of the main selling points for Bond is its accelerated degrees. This means it has a three semester year instead of just two semesters. The work load is no more than a normal university year, there’s just less holidays. I personally love the fact that I am getting my degree done in two years instead of three.


3. The class sizes

Forget being a student among a crowd of hundreds. The lectures at Bond have around 20-30 students and the tutorials are half that size. When your teacher actually knows your name, it makes asking questions and getting help a whole lot easier. You also become close with your classmates and make new friends. This is one of my favourite things about Bond.

4. The stunning campus

Did you know the Bond University arch is the biggest free standing arch in the southern hemisphere? The sandstone buildings, green lawns and flowing fountains make for a picturesque campus. It’s nice to walk from class to class when your university is stunning. Even so, many people choose to get married here.

5. The accommodation

Going to Bond meant I’d be living on campus. Having lived in the same on-campus room for 2 years, it’s definitely a good deal. Bond accommodation includes food, wifi, electricity, water and even cleaning once a week. It’s a great way to meet people and even better, you can wake up 10 minutes before a class and still make it in time as it’s only a minutes walk away.


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