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10 Reasons You Should Go To University of Queensland

10 Reasons You Should Go To University of Queensland

University of Queensland is one of the top unis in the country. Here are reasons why you should attend UQ. University of Queensland pride is at its fullest.

The University of Queensland isn’t one of Australia’s finest institutions for nothing; you’d only understand if you went there. It is recognised worldwide for it’s achievements in all areas, but that’s information which you can just google. Here are some of the lesser known reasons to make UQ your debt-vendor of choice.

1. The weather.

Queensland’s climate is one of the most favourable in the world, if you enjoy normal people things like sun and the outdoors (sounds scary). With warm winters and beach-worthy summers, living here will keep the spirits up and the cold beer down. Actual depiction of Uni life at UQ.


2. The inside jokes.

There are more inside jokes than I can count, which serve as a glue which keeps the student community together (lest it collapses into savage infighting). Makes sure to hop onto the various Facebook groups and get familiar with the culture before you arrive, or you won’t make friends. We like friends here.

3. The wildlife.

UQ has a wide array of wildlife on campus, from birds to marsupials. Some are loved, some are not. It’s up to you to find out which is which. Enjoy your safari while you walk to class!

4. The architecture.

The campus is built using a unique mix of old “sandstone” architecture combined with cutting edge modern amenities, meaning that walking through it is kind of like taking a trip through time. Who needs Dr Who?


5. The reputation.

Ranked among the best in Australia and impressively ranked worldwide, you can be sure that UQ has you covered if prestige is your thing. Don’t get a superiority complex though, everyone hates that.

6. The coffee shops.

So much damn coffee, and they’re constantly competing. If you’re into coffee, you’ll want to find your cafe and stick to it, because betraying your people is a big deal.


7. The location.

UQ is situated conveniently in central Brisbane with everything you need. You won’t have any trouble stumbling back after a night out or swapping between a million transportation methods to get to the city. You’re a millennial and want things fast and easy, and we provide.


8. The setting.

The campus retains a natural vibe, with trees and lawns everywhere. This will prevent you from having a breakdown after you realise you’re about to walk into that exam which you forgot about.

9. The activities.

There are clubs and societies for pretty much everything, and you’ll never be wanting of things to do. This is also great for meeting like-minded people. As already established, friends are good. Plus you get to indulge in that passion for fidget spinners that’s needed an outlet for years now.


10. The support.

Help is never far away, regardless of what the issue is. The whole community is generally amazing and there are resources for you for whatever you need done. This is going last on the list because it’s what really distinguishes this school.

Clearly, there is something at UQ for everyone, and it’s an amazing place to work and play. So come on down and get in on the experience, you’ll leave a better person for it.

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