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10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Melbourne

10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Melbourne

Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city but nothing is perfect right? There are some things that only someone who grew up in Melbourne would know.

Going to the beach in summer is a nightmare

Growing up in Melbourne meaning Summers and warmer weathers are a must for beach strolls or getting some Vitamin D in. If you grew up in Melbourne then you would definitely know to get there early and find a nice sun tanning spot or if you’re too late it would probably mean that you will need to squeeze yourself through the crowd and see if you are lucky enough to even get a standing spot at the hottest beach locations.

The ‘Melbourne’ weather

This completely explains why beaches are so crowded during warmer days, because for most countries there are four seasons in a year and summer tends to stay for a more consistent amount of time, however, in Melbourne we get three seasons a year – autumn, winter and spring, but you can probably experience four seasons in one day. The weather can be so mercurial it gets way too frustrating.


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Shopping choices are rather limited

Melbourne is rated the most liveable city but when it comes to fashion it is definitely the least liveable. There is always limited brands and the chic international brands that Melbourne have are pretty much just Zara and H&M. Did I mention the limited styles and stock that just isn’t in sync with the fashion trends.

Public Transport

Public transport is a complete nightmare, the prices keeps increasing and the timetables are not abide by, usually you can wait up to 40 minutes without one bus or tram stopping by, and the unanticipated delays with the train system really messes your schedule. The public transport system does not run through the night so you have to call a taxi, but the night rate is so ridiculously expensive.


Parking is too much for anyone to handle

Parking in Melbourne is very limited within the CBD area, it is either too expensive or the time limit is too short for anyone to get anything done. The narrow streets make street side parking very strenuous. But sometimes when you really need to drive and run errands, I mean is the parking price worth it?

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Where are the quiet and well decorated tea rooms or bars

Loud, loud, loud! Sometimes a girls’ night out just needs to be chic and classy to get a good amount of Instagram worthy photos showing everyone that we do have good taste and it is a way of lifestyle. All the bars are full of loud music, people constantly yelling over each other and so crowded to the point that you cant even take a selfie. Although the lack of stylish decor is not very Instagram worthy either.


Never ending constructions

Apartments, road constructions, subway tunnels, you name it. This constant need to construct and reconstruct creates way to much unnecessary traffic for commuters and the streets are filled with dust and sand. This really doesn’t equate to Melbourne being the most liveable city.


Internet connection is not very satisfying

The internet network in Melbourne can only be described as behind. Apparently Kenya have better internet connection due to the unfinished network and internet system in Australia we are really the epitome of how not to do it! Melbourne you really need to get it together, who can live without a descent internet connection in the 21st century? This generation basically lives off of the Internet.

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Cost of living is too pricey for most people to even save up for a holiday or for anything really, the cost of taking public transport is high, the really behind Internet service is too pricey for what they provide, the electricity, water and renting bills are just unaffordable for many people who doesn’t earn a generous salary, especially for us students.


So many tourists

Melbourne being the most liveable garden city attracts to many tourists each year and sometimes it feels like there are more tourists than actual locals. They take pictures in the middle of the roads and blocking sidewalks can get a bit uncomfortable. Although living in Melbourne might not be my first choice however taking a vacation in Melbourne is on the bucket-list for many travellers.

Here are my top 10 reasons I wish I grew up literally anywhere BUT Melbourne. For those who live in Melbourne or have have travelled to Melbourne, let me know in the comments below whether you agree of disagree with some of the reasons I pointed out.

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