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10 Reasons To Have More Orgasms

10 Reasons To Have More Orgasms

Besides the obvious fact of feeling great, if you want to look better, feel better, be healthier, or just have some fun, more orgasms will get you there.

I don’t need to tell you how mind-blowing, toe-curling, and incredibly fun orgasms are. Whether you’re with a partner or having fun on your own, I don’t think anyone can deny that an orgasm feels fantastic. You’ve probably read a million tips for how to have a better orgasm, but how about all the reasons you should be having more of them? When it comes to orgasms, if one is good, more is better, and here are ten reasons why.

1. You’ll get more Z’s.

You know that deliciously dopey post-orgasm haze you fall into after an especially good time? Well, ride it out. Orgasms help you fall asleep, they help you stay asleep, and they help you sleep better and longer. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, with a smile on your face, and ready to tackle the day ahead.

2. You can lighten up on the makeup.

Want that gorgeous, dewy skin that looks absolutely flawless? You could spend ages in front of the mirror with a makeup brush, or you could have a couple of orgasms. Orgasms will make your skin look smoother and clearer. Plus, you’ll look younger. Studies show that women who have more frequent orgasms look years younger than women who don’t. Less makeup and more fun in the bedroom? Yes, please.


3. You’ll be walking on sunshine.

Orgasms make you happy. You’re thinking, “Duh, no kidding,” but let me explain. They don’t just make you happy right after you have one – the effects last all day. Orgasms are a natural mood booster that will leave you happier, more relaxed, and more energized all day long. While your friends are chugging their 8 a.m. coffees, you’ll be smiling to yourself because your energy boost was 100 percent natural, and 100 percent more enjoyable.

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4. Your period will be more regular.

Don’t you hate it when your monthly friend shows up early… or late? It’s incredibly awkward to be caught unaware. But don’t worry…orgasms can help with that! They help regulate your period. That’s right: Having an orgasm at least once a week will help make sure your monthly friend becomes a little more regular.


5. Your monthly cramps will be better.

Say goodbye to those horrible cramps that see you curled up on the sofa with a hot water bottle? Orgasms and the endorphins they give you help ease period pains. If I had a choice between a really good session in the sack and a couple of pain killers, I definitely know which one I’d choose. So, next time those cramps are getting you down, don’t reach for the pills…reach for something else instead.

6. Your body and your mind will relax.

Exams, papers, work, drama…life gets stressful. Before you reach for that glass of wine, or let’s be honest, maybe a bottle, consider this: orgasms help you relax in mind and body. Your muscles will be less tense and your mind will be less stressed. Plus, you definitely will not have a killer hangover the next morning if you indulge in an orgasm or three.

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7. You’ll be more attractive.

The more you have, well, the more you get. When you’re having orgasms on the regular, you become more attractive. Don’t believe me? Orgasms make your body release pheromones, and pheromones make you more attractive to other people. The more orgasms you have, the more pheromones you emit, and the more love- (or lust-) struck suitors you’ll have following you around campus wondering why they just can’t get enough. Get it girl!


8. You can ease up on the diet and exercise.

Going to the gym is a great way to burn calories, but so are orgasms. A good session in the sack burns a ton of calories, and you’ll burn even more with each and every orgasm you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with an early session at the gym, but isn’t it nice to know there’s another way to kill some calories before you even get out of bed?

9. Your body will be healthier.

You know that saying, an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away? Probably not, but it is something to keep in mind. Orgasms raise your levels of antibodies, which boosts your immune system. Not only that, but your body also filters out more toxins after an orgasm. You won’t be able to avoid a doctor forever, but throwing a few more orgasms in there will help keep you feeling healthy when flu season rolls around.

10. You’ll have a great reason to get more creative.

Variety is the spice of life, and with all the benefits an orgasm gives you, why not figure out how to have a few more? Mix it up with your partner or by yourself and figure out how many different ways you can have some fun. Having more orgasms is the perfect opportunity to try something new, be it a new toy or a new position.


Besides the obvious fact of feeling great, if you want to look better, feel better, be healthier, or just have some fun, enjoying more orgasms will get you there. So grab a friend or fly solo and go have a good time!

What are some other reasons to have more orgasms? Share in the comments below!
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