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10 Questions We All Want To Ask The La Trobe University Transportation And Parking System

10 Questions We All Want To Ask The La Trobe University Transportation And Parking System

I think it’s fair to say that our transport and parking system definitely has some explaining to do. There are so many questions we all want to ask the La Trobe University transportation and parking system. For example:

1. Why are our parking permits (and parking in general) so damn expensive?

Like we’re already going to have to sell our kidneys on the black market to pay off our student loans, why do we have to give you our first borns as well just so we can park on campus?


2. Why did you close the David Myer bus stop?

I mean we get that you spent a ton upgrading the Science Drive terminal but it’s seriously inconvenient to have to cross campus just to catch a bus, they have to pass the David Myer stop anyway so why not just leave it?

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3. Why do we have so many people getting away with horrible parking jobs?

We get that security has more important things to do but when they have to patrol the car parks anyway you’d think they could do something about the idiots who feel the need to take up four damn car spots just so their baby’s paint doesn’t get scratched.

4. Why aren’t we allowed to drive inside campus?

We know that the tradies and buses don’t just magically teleport in so why can’t we drive in there too?


5. Why does the glider stop working on the holidays?

Isn’t it meant to be predominantly for students who live on residence? They don’t all leave just because there’s no classes.

6. What’s with all the different types of permit?

It seems kind of unfair to have permits that cost more than a fortnights rent just so you can have coloured lines.

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7. Why is car park 2a just gravel?

We get stuck parking there often enough that it kind of warrants paving… Or at least fixing the bloody potholes.

Actual image of how it feels driving in 2a:


 8. Did we really have to switch to virtual permits?

I mean, I know it happened a year ago but you stole like two months worth of permit off us when you did it and I for one am still pretty salty about that. Plus what if the server glitches? No-one wants a fine just because the system crashed again.

9. Why can’t we have more car spots?

There’s almost always more cars than there is space for them, we’ve asked nicely and even petitioned for them so can we please have more?


10. Why don’t the people who live on residence get their own car park?

It just seems a bit unfair to make them fight for a spot when they’re giving you around $300 a week… Not to mention they still have to pay for permits as well so they really should be guaranteed somewhere to leave their cars.

Let me know whether you agree with me and what questions you’ve got for your transport and parking office in the comments.

But seriously though, why is the parking so damn expensive!?

What do you think of the La Trobe University transportation and parking system? Tell us in the comments below!
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