20 Places To Get Dessert In Adelaide You Need To Try

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Having a bit of a sweet tooth, I’ve tried quite a few of the sweet treats on offer in Adelaide. You may surprised about how many places there are to go for a dessert date. Here are my picks for 20 places to get dessert in Adelaide, but keep in mind this is just a sample of the many options around town!

1. Dessert Bar At 50SIXONE

If you go anywhere for dessert in Adelaide, make it trendy dessert bar 50SIXONE in Hyde Park or Mount Barker (but be prepared to wait in line!)
Everything they make is Instagram-worthy, and the dessert shakes are top of the list. The best is the Heaven Sent: a double-chocolate brownie shake topped with a homemade brownie and melted chocolate.



2. Unicorn Sundae From 50SIXONE

The Unicorn Sundae from 50SIXONE is as pretty as it is delicious!
Unicorns are having a moment, and so will you when you try the super sweet, lolly-topped Unicorn Sundae.

3. Strawberry Nutella Crepe From St. Louis

Strawberry and Nutella crepes from St Louis (Glenelg, Gouger St, Tea Tree Plaza, North Adelaide and Norwood). The crepes are super thin, fluffy and crispy – delicious with the fresh berries and Nutella!

4. Churros St Louis

The crepes at St Louis are delicious, but they’re famous for their churros: crispy, fluffy, cinnamon-y and dipped in melted chocolate. Yum!



5. Unicorn Hot Chocolate From San Churros

Unicorn hot chocolate from San Churros (Westfield Marion, Gouger St, Rundle St and West Lakes). A , sweet hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and multi-coloured sprinkles, make sure to snap a shot of this adorable dessert before drinking it!

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6. Vegan Cronuts From Cherry Darlings

Vegan cronuts from Cherry Darlings Vegan Bakehouse in Forestville.
The menu does change, but the cronuts are fluffy, rich and sweet with a caramel or coffee glaze – and totally vegan!


7. Popcorn Cupcakes Cherry Darlings

Vegan salted caramel, chocolate and popcorn cupcakes, also from Cherry Darlings. A sugar fix without the dairy for animal lovers!


8. Pandan Crepe Cake MeowMe

Pandan crepe cake from cat-themed MeowMe Café, Parkside.
Layer upon delicate layer of crepe formed into a cake, flavoured with pandan, unique bright green Asian flavour made with pandan leaves.



9. Truffles From Chocolatree

Truffles from Chocolatree in North Adelaide.
There are so many different flavours, but they’re all delicious and made with Belgian chocolate. Plus, the outdoor area is very cozy and cute, with blankets and fairy lights.



10. Dessert Pizza From Chocolatree

This is one for the sweet tooths! Very rich, very sweet, very indulgent. Topped with strawberries, toasted marshmallows, icecream and chocolate topping equals sugar overload, in the best possible way.


11. Dessert Platter From The Wooden Spoon

Shop til you drop then revive with a variety of sweet treats, including honeycomb, oreos, melted chocolate and waffle pieces.



12. Waffles From The Comminsary

Technically a breakfast because hip café The Commissary is only open during the day, but why not have dessert for breakfast? Try the waffles topped with chocolate sauce, coconut, fresh berries, fairy floss and edible flowers.

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13. Cupcakes From BTW Cafe

Avoid the lunch rush as this café is in the business district, but the cupcakes are worth it. Try the Dr. Frank-n-Furter, a chocolate, cherry and hazelnuts cupcake topped with marshmallow meringue and coconut. Plus, the pink décor is great for a girly lunchtime dessert date.


14. Vegan Chocolate Oreo Cake From Sugar Shack Diner

All-American diner Sugar Shack has a tonne of sweet treats (plus great burgers!) and also offers heaps of vegan options. The layered Oreo cake is a real mouthful!



15. Mocha And Truffles From Koko Black

A classy French-inspired café, Koko Black makes amazing coffee and has a variety of beautiful Belgian-chocolate truffles. The Salted Caramel Praline chocolate is particularly gorgeous.



16. Raw Organic Cakes Nutrition Republic

If you love a good dessert but are a bit health-conscious too, check out Nutrition Republic. They have a variety of dessert made with the popular raw Pana chocolate. The flavours change, but they’re always delicious, and not too sugary.



17. Rocky Road Cookies From Jamface

Jamface is the product of Poh of Masterchef fame. Her Rocky Road cookie reinvents a classic with orange shortcrust pastry with raspberry marshmallow, dark chocolate, pistachios, salted peanuts and coconut.



18. Oreo Serious From Scroll Icecream

Ice cream rolled into scrolls and topped with crushed oreos, wafers, strawberries and chocolate topping, plus adorable Tiny Teddies!




19. Fondue From Bracegirdles

You can order the fondue with all fruit, but have some fun and go for the more indulgent option: waffles, strawberries and brownies to dunk in delicious melted Belgian chocolate.


20. Eton Mess From Aviary Dessert Kitchen

A cute, quirky café hidden in Norwood, the Aviary café has some different options as well as the classics. Try their take on Eton Mess: Nutella mousse with meringue, strawberries and homemade praline.



There are so many delicious dessert options in Adelaide – some places are famous and a line up is guaranteed, while others are tiny and tucked away. Ask around and you’ll find everyone in Adelaide has their own dessert-date suggestion!

What’s your favorite place to get dessert in Adelaide?! Share in the comments below!

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