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20 Pictures You’ll Only Understand If You’re Australian

20 Pictures You’ll Only Understand If You’re Australian

There are many misconceptions about us Australians. But, here are 20 pictures that ring true to any Aussie - you'll only understand if you're Australian.

Ah, Australia – the land down under! Over the years, there have been many misconceptions made about us Australians but here are some pictures that ring true to any Aussie. Keep reading for 20 pictures you’ll only understand if you’re Australian.

1. We’re so far away from everything we have to pay thousands of dollars to travel anywhere (besides Bali) because our country wants to kill us.

2. Which also means expensive af shipping fees.

3. Compulsory voting + Australians =

4. Forget drop bears, these are the real killers in Australia.

5. We don’t cope well with change.

6. If you’re not eating Milo like this, you’re eating it wrong.

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7. Don’t lie, you sang it.

8. We literally had to write out instructions for Americans who don’t know how to eat Vegemite (thank goodness for Hugh Jackman).

9. Who needs a branding iron when you’ve got these in summer?

10. Yes, we have a lot of animals.

11. What’s a white Christmas?

12. It’s a shame we never really know when EB Games is having a sale.

13. For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to have Foxtel, this was our childhood.

14. Pretty much the slogan of every Australian primary school ever.

15. We had a… ‘unique’ introduction to drugs and alcohol.

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16. You knew exactly what was coming whenever some school group had a big trip planned.

17. Let’s be honest, we probably change Prime Ministers more than we change our smoke alarm batteries.

18. No description needed.

19. This was the most painful thing to ever happen in Australian TV history…

20. …That is, until the biggest robbery of 2016.

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