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10 Perfect Date Spots Around Adelaide

10 Perfect Date Spots Around Adelaide

It's pretty clear you need some perfect date spots around Adelaide to hit up. Here are 10 perfect date spots around Adelaide you should check out. 

If you live in Adelaide and have a dating life, it’s pretty clear you need some perfect date spots around Adelaide to hit up. Only makes sense right? Here are 10 perfect date spots around Adelaide you should check out.

1. Jamie Olivers Restaurant

Jamie Olivers restaurant is a lovely place for a dinner date. The classy vibe of the restaurant allows you to feel like you’re any where else other than Adelaide. The food and wine have great reviews and the sitting at the table will allow you to feel like there’s no one else in the world except your date.

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2. The Gallery

The Gallery is the perfect after dinner drinks. Grab a glass of wine, and sit together on the rooftop bar, under the the little heater, cuddled up on the soft seats. This quiet, classy place is perfect for quiet talks and cuddles.


3. The Botanical Gardens

Now who doesn’t love a little picnic in a beautiful garden. The botanical gardens are the perfect spot for a long lazy Sunday afternoon. The breeze through the trees, the rustling of the leaves. its quiet, calm and perfect for two love birds for an afternoon lunch. Pack some sandwiches, cheese, wine and roll out the picnic blanket for a relaxing afternoon.

4. The Classic Bowling Or Movie Date

There has been quite a few good movies coming out lately. So whip your date away to see a comedy or action movie and enjoy where the night takes you. Even going for a game of bowling at the local bowling alley is a great way to spend the night.

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5. A Comedy Show

Recently Kevin Bridges was in town for a night of laughs. Try finding your favourite comedian to go watch or even just going to a local comedy club, then you can always pop out after for some drinks.

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6. Live Music

Heading out to a restaurant or bar with live music is one of my favourite things to do. Theres nothing better than sitting down and enjoying the sweet voice of someone new, with a dates hand held in yours.

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7. Sean’s Kitchen

Sean’s Kitchen is the perfect little romantic get away for dinner. Very similar to Jaime Olivers how ever is designed for a romantic date/ first date. Theres a great atmosphere, the service is top quality and the food is divine.


8. Clever Little Tailor

So if you and your date love to talk over drinks, or even your first date in the ‘getting to know you stage’ Clever Little Tailor is the place to go. They have an outstanding selections of drinks, including a tasting menu so you can drink and discuss over conversation and find out what wine you like and don’t like.


9. 2KW

Another rooftop bar for some amazing views…I’m not talking about your date. This is definitely a special occasion type place. So whether it be a birthday, first date or just a fancy date just because 2KW is the place I recommend. A share plate and a couple of cocktails should end the night in bliss.

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10. Hindley Street

This is a little bit different than my other recommendations but i would recommend going out to the city after you’ve dated a while. I mean hey not everyone can dance like Michael Jackson! But go out, enjoy where the night takes you, and dance like no one is watching.

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So gang, that my 10 perfect date spots around Adelaide. If you have any suggestions, let me know below. Save a kiss for me!
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