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5 People You’ll Always Run Into At La Trobe University

5 People You’ll Always Run Into At La Trobe University

La Trobe University is a fun school. Here are five types of La Trobe University students you are bound to run into if you go to the university. Check it.

Well, not ten but I’m mentioning five types of typical LaTrobians one does run into intentionally or unintentionally! This is from my POV tho and written in a humorous  manner. Here are five types of people you will run into at La Trobe University.

1. The one Who-Must-Not-Be-Named People

These are the uni people whom you recognize by face, give a bro-hug to or a handshake but guess what you don’t know their names!. Either you forget them or just can’t care to remember. “Hey Josh how you going?!”..”I’m good..(Erm what’s her name) ” #major_embarrassment.

2. The guy with Shorts & Tees

“Well, I could levitate!” Well either these guys are too hot or too broke to buy full sleeves tees or jeans as they just don’t feel cold! Hard to stay lit in a place where it remains wintry for ten months straight. You’ll be piling on layers of woolens while on other hand you could see these guys walking around in desert! "Well, I could levitate!"


3. The BG prone

“Makes sense” These are the student/s whom you ask “Did you come to uni even, didn’t see you all day” and a robotic reply would be  “I was in BG, finishing my OOF Assignment!” Surreal response isn’t it?! But sad to say it’s true (if not, go and ask anyone doing IT & an emphatic yes would be the answer) These BG lab rats eat, sleep, hangout at BG and guess what have a crush on Gleeson!"Makes sense"

4. The stressed out ones (I’m one of them)

“Just eight more assignments to go” “Shit, I’ve got 3 assignments due next month and those post-quiz to complete, I think I’m gonna fail this sem” . ..So you are in week 2 and happen to cross with this student, your first reaction, mind=blown!!! #sarcasm"Just eight more assignments to go"

5. The chilled out ones

“Mr. Gervais has got your back bruh”


“Mate did you look at that assignment”

“No, not yet, when is it due tho?”

“Couple of weeks later”


“Cool will start it over the next weekend!”


Damn! This coolness hits home! 😉

That’s all to keep you guys company!

"Mr. Gervais has got your back bruh"

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