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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Bond University

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Bond University

Saying Bond Uni is small is an understatement. Here is a breakdown of the 10 students you will meet at Bond University. You will know them instantly!

Saying Bond Uni is small is an understatement. As one of the smallest universities in Australia the social life on campus is a little crowded to say the least; everyone one knows everyone. Our wide and colourful student culture presents the perfect location for any voyeuristic people watchers to get their daily fix. Here is a breakdown of the 10 students you will meet at Bond University.

1. The ‘I have a girlfriend’ guy.

His relationship status recently changed and he made sure you know about it. You were also notified about this change via Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. His new beau has pretty much taken over his life. Want to celebrate his new relationship together with a few drinks and a boogie at Dons? Better let him get permission from his girlfriend first.

2. The ‘I travel to find myself’ person.

They recently returned from three months in Czechoslovakia, or somewhere else just as abstract, where they spent their time ‘exploring’ or ‘finding themselves’. Read ‘drinking’ and ‘clubbing’. This person will be sure tell you about how their time abroad.


3. The ‘Daddy’s credit card paid for this handbag’ girl.

Dads unlimited black Amex funds her extravagant lifestyle and everyone knows it. Her hair is shiny; nails manicured and smile a beaming white. You will probably find her and her friends chatting over iced coffees with their signature Louis Vuitton bags or wallets completing their look.

4. The ‘everything I own is Ralph Lauren’ guy.

Similar to the latter, this person knows how to dress. Head to toe Ralph Lauren is a hard look to pull off, but fortunately for him, it pairs well with aviators, loafers and an ‘I put more effort than required into my hair’ cut. You will probably spot him milling around the library taking loud business calls and dropping corporate jargon like it’s going out of style, “I’ll pencil you in for lunch?”

5. The Instagram famous blogger.

She looks kind of familiar right… but most definitely not because you ran into her on campus. You recognise her from Instagram where she has somehow amassed over 100k followers. She knows which beach to get that perfect bikini post and probably promotes products for tanning companies. Hit her up for restaurant recommendations, because this girl knows her stuff.


6. The typical foreign exchange student.

You saw their name on your tutorial list, though 5 weeks through the group assignment you still have not laid eyes on them. Spending their weekends flying between the Great Barrier Reef and Fiji, it is pretty hard not to be jealous.

7. The ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ guy.

He is rarely spotted in public without his posse of friends and teammates who all seem to look exactly the same. They are your typical boys boy, liking beer, babes and more beer. He probably plays rugby or cricket and can be seen around campus wearing sporting merch.


8. The student who did all the required reading.

Unlike you, this person read the entire course content in week one. They also read everything the professor referenced on the iLearn page. You can try asking them for help, but chances are they will just recommend you actually do the readings.

9. The #girlpower clique.

Sporting a variety of #feminism slogan tees, its safe to say that these girls and guys eat, sleep and breath feminism. They order almond milk lattes and, will be sure to discuss any form of inequality loudly in the library.


10. The Main Library Law student.

It is week one and they arrived at the library at 6 a.m., studied until four and you heard them talking loudly about how they will be back after a brief afternoon nap. The library is where they do most of their socialising and the Papyrus staff knows their name and coffee order off by heart.

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