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10 People You Will Always Run Into At La Trobe University

10 People You Will Always Run Into At La Trobe University

University is full of amazing people, insightful lecturers that will literally open your eyes to new ideas and perceptions. Lads and girls will befriend you, whether on as an assignment buddy or on a more personal level (ooh la la hand out the cheese). At Latrobe there are about 30,000 students and it does get a little overwhelming as to who you should befriend, avoid and who you might inevitably become. So I have made it a little easier and although everyone is unique in their own right I have listed 10 categories that majority of the 30,000 students can be listed into to make your life just that little bit easier. Keep reading for 10 people you will always run into at La Trobe University!

1. The Leech

The leech is someone you never want to know and most importantly never want to be, AND I REPEAT NEVER. These are the people who stick to people and leech off your work, YOUR KNOWLEDGE. These specimens are annoying AF and after a while people will start to avoid them.



2. Food Napper

These people are most likely your friends, or the abundance of birds around campus. Sometimes you have a buddy that doesn’t understand that the person who bought the food (you) may be hungry too and eat your whole orange and poppy seed muffin (yeah Steve I’m talking about you) not that I have had any experience in the matter.

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3. The Sass Master

These are the people who still act as though they are in high school. With egos and attitudes, the size of planets, and have this crazed perception that everyone has something against them. Don’t worry keep your calm and stick with people you know won’t cause too much drama.

4. The Wild One

We all know this person, a friend who is a little cray cray when it comes to the uni parties and Friday night clubs. If you don’t have a friend like this, then it is probably you. Its cool to enjoy yourself but just remember it is also a good idea to take it easy some weekends, it can help you save money.


5. The Golden Child

These are the people that you see studying in the library and answering every single question effortlessly in class. These children are the favourites with the teachers, and have never disappointed when making their parents proud since the time they could walk.

6. Sleeping Beauty

This is 100% me, the kid at university who stays up all night watching Netflix while cramming in prescribed readings and assignments due the next day, only to wake up exhausted and not able to keep my eyes open in class. I call this person the sleeping beauty because no matter how much they sleep to make up for lost time, every surface somehow becomes an excuse to snooze.

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7. The Walking Dead!

These are students who look like living, walking zombies. With their hair a mess, dark circles under their eyes and if you look close enough you can even make out the drool escaping from the corners of their mouth. But have no fear dear Latrobians these specimens do not thrive off brains, all they need is a good cup of coffee.


8. The eager beaver.

Do you know that student that asks the teacher for homework 5 minutes before class is over? or reminds the lecturer about that reading that they had asked you to look over that you had forgotten all about? Yeah well that is the eager beaver. The kid who is full of life and love for absorbing every single thing the teacher says and wants the whole class to feel it too. These guys are the over achievers, and everyone knows it.

9. Fashionably fabulous!

To all the fashionista’s that I can never amount to, these are the kids who wear awesome numbers and all you can think about as you see them walking past is how on earth were they able to look so effortless as you sit there with yesterdays clothes and tomorrows exhaustion.

10. The kid with the Harry Potter invisibility cloak.

This is the kid who shows up for one class and disappears for the next 10 weeks but they somehow manage to pass. It is almost like they were in possession of Harry Potter’s cape and decided to use it whilst being in class.


So there you go students these are the ten different types of people you will meet at university and can come in all different variations. Comment below and let us know what your favourite type of student is, who you can most relate to? Or keep us updated with any characters who didn’t make the list.

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