Parking Struggles Every Student At Monash University Understands

Everyone hates parking- it's the worst! These are the daily parking struggles only students studying at Monash University will understand.

Have you ever regretted the decision to drive to Monash University instead of catching public transport? Well, I definitely have and would like to share it with others who feel exactly the same. It is a daily issue that most students struggle with in silence. So here is a list of a few parking struggles only students at Monash University would understand! (Yes, the daily struggle is real.)

1. The lack of parking lots available

First things first, there are not enough parking lots (for the Caulfield campus of course). Students struggle trying to look for a parking space before classes and especially during peak hour periods. If the multi-level carpark inside Monash University is full, you would have to look for other options such as Caulfield Plaza or Caulfield Park situated right opposite. These places charge by the hour.

2. Expensive annual parking permits

Would you believe it if I told you our parking permit costs $421 annually? Everyone who drives to Monash University on a daily basis and requires an annual parking permit will agree that it is way too overpriced for us students. Many of us plan our schedules to fit into lesser days just so we can save on transport and parking costs. There should be other options for us or more affordable options as some of us stay really far away and have no other option but to drive to Monash University.


3. Having to run out between classes to shift your car

I remember parking my car near Caulfield Park and paying for 2 hours of parking. My class ended later than expected and I found myself rushing to my car just to move its spot and pay for an extra hour. Who feels me? It is neither glamorous nor pleasant having to deal with this on a weekly basis. It is another struggle altogether if there are no other parking lots available for us in between classes.

4. Pricey hourly parking rates

While parking fees increase, so does the financial burden on students due to these high parking costs. At the Caulfield Campus, the hourly parking rate is $2.60 and $21 for a full 8-hour day. This is significantly higher compared to other Universities as well as other Monash University campuses like Peninsula, Clayton and Parkville.



5. Getting yourself fined/parking tickets

I would be lying if I said I have not gotten myself a parking ticket while being in class at Monash University. It’s definitely not a nice feeling studying all day and coming back to your car with a parking ticket. Parking fines usually range from $81-$161 which is clearly not very affordable for us who have other responsibilities.

6. Bad drivers who cannot park

You would think that those who have their license know how to park properly right? Well, think again. Here at Monash University, we have people who take up 2 parking spaces for 1 car, who park almost horizontally and many more. Please do not be one of them; other students need to park their cars too.

Simply put, University students have more parking struggles than they should have to. Monash University has various options for students in regards to parking however they should ensure it is student-friendly priced. Alternatively, try catching a train or tram to Monash University directly as there are many transport options. That way you can stay clear of parking tickets and daily parking mishaps!


Can you think of any more struggles that you face day to day? I would love to hear your parking struggles, so do share your experiences down in the comment section!

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