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10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Yourself In Melbourne

10 Extravagant Ways To Pamper Yourself In Melbourne

If you're looking for things to do around Melbourne for a day of relaxing, here are some extravagant ways to pamper yourself in the city!

Sometimes, we all just need a day – as in a day to relax. Whether your idea of relaxing is sitting around and doing nothing all day or letting loose in the clubs come nightfall (or something in between those extremes), here are some extravagant ways to pamper yourself in Melbourne!

1. Bliss out on chocolate at one of our Max Brenner stores.

Pretty much everyone loves chocolate – so why not enjoy ‘chocolate by the bald man’ at one of their Melbourne locations? You can spend the day working through the menu while simply relaxing or chatting with friends, it’s guaranteed not to disappoint.

2. Spend a night- or a week if you want to be really extravagant – at Crown Hotel, and a day at their in-house spa.

Crown is synonymous with luxury, so they just had to be included in this list.


3. Find yourself a patch of sand at one of our many beaches and just lie around all day.

Earn bonus points by taking a stroll at sunrise or sunset or bringing your favourite food and some cocktails.

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4. If nature’s your thing, why not take a wander down to the botanical gardens?

Take your favourite outdoor chair and relax and unwind in a natural city oasis.


5. Spend the day shopping in the city.

From designer outlets to small thrift stores, you can find pretty much anything you want in Melbourne.

6. Make a list of all the restaurants, cafes, etc., that you want to visit and then actually visit them.

Food is always good, so why not spend some time tasting all the yummy foods you’ve always wanted to try? This one will obviously take a bit longer than the others, but it’s a great way to escape by yourself or a good excuse to catch up with friends.


7. Go on a wine tour.

There are plenty of options in and around Melbourne and you get the added bonus of some beautiful scenery as you enjoy your wine.

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8. Spend a night or two on Phillip Island.

It’s like a holiday without even having to go that far…and did someone say penguins? Phillip Island is a bit of a drive away, but it’s great for a quick retreat and you can even watch the little penguins come up to the beach.

9. If your idea of a good time is drinking and dancing the night away, you could probably consider our nightlife a pampering experience.

My personal recommendation would be Berlin Bar. They’re one of Melbourne’s hidden bars and the perfect location for some quiet cocktails with the girls (or scotch with the boys.) Or try a club crawl if that’s more your scene.

10. If all else fails, build yourself a spa-pack at a retail chain and enjoy a little pampering in your own home.

Sometimes the best pampering is a good night in, just don’t forget the chocolate and the fluffy robe.


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What are some ways you pamper yourself in Melbourne? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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