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10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

10 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

These New Year's Eve party ideas are unique. Find out the best NYE party ideas for you and your friends. Make 2018 the best year yet with the best New Years party theme.

Out of ides on what to do for New Year’s? Don’t fret, we’ve got 10 great New Year’s Eve party ideas you and your friends are going to love!

1. A Costume Party!

Who says costume parties are only for Halloween? Ring in the New Year by dressing up with your friends and getting drunk!




2. Picture Perfect Party!

Hire a professional photographer beforehand for your party  and not just your one friend who is good at the camera but is about to spend the night drunk! You’ll have New Years memories to last a lifetime.




3. Black Tie

If you and your friends love dressing up why not have a night of dressing up really fancy and pretend to be celebrities at the Oscar’s?




4. BYOB Party

Yes it is exactly as it sounds, everyone brings drinks, everyone gets drunk!

Girls toasting beer bottles and plastic cups



5. Black & White Party

Set a dress code for the party so everyone is wearing similar colors!




6. 80s party!

Party on like it’s the 80s. After all, is it really 2018?

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 7.48.52 AM



7. Disco Party!

Who doesn’t want to bring the New Year in with a disco party?





8. Food Party!

Gather your friends, gather your favorite foods and spend an entire night of eating! You can always go to the gym tomorrow!


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9. Runway party!

If you and your friends are fashion lovers why not host a fashion themed party? Have your friends cat walking in the middle of the house. This is my personal favorite on the New Year’s Eve party ideas list.

Screen Shot 2017-12-25 at 7.58.15 AM

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10. Sport Themed Party!

If you and your friends are sport lovers why not bring in the New Year with your favorite sports? It’s like a superbowl party but for any sport and your friends love! This is one of the different New Year’s Eve party ideas to wow your friends.


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