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10 Things You Need To Pack If You Are Travelling To Europe

10 Things You Need To Pack If You Are Travelling To Europe

Here's everything you need to pack if you are travelling to Europe.

Hi gang! Today I have the perfect 10 things you need to pack if you are travelling to Europe! These items are essential when travelling to Europe to ensure you get the picture perfect trip!

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1. A straw hat

A straw hat is VERY on trend at the moment. Sailing your way on through the small streams on the little black gondola with your little straw hat is picture perfect. When travelling to Europe it is definitely something that you should to get those instagrammable photos.

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2. Summer Dresses

If you are heading to Europe in the summer time, summer dresses is definitely something you need to pack. Strolling your way through the large crowds, seeing the sights in a little red dress, paired with a straw hat and a little black backpack, mh perfection!

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3. Lights, Camera, Action!

Now to take a photo of all these cute outfits and the gorgeous sights of Europe, of course you’re going to take a camera! Taking a camera is THE most important thing you need to pack. You need to remember all the memories and fun times you had, while taking in all the amazing sights you see.

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4.  Go Pro

A Go Pro is another thing you must pack when travelling to Europe. This is where you can get your creative on and create an amazing youtube video capture videos celebrating your trip. Hey, you may even make some money out of it if its good enough!

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5. Friends!

So you can’t exactly pack friends when travelling to Europe but you can surely take them with you! Take friends to Europe is so much fun, then when you are there, making new friends makes the memories last longer and more enjoyable.

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6. Comfy shoes, but also fancy shoes

It is essential that you pack comfy shoes. Who knows how much you will be walking or how long, so comfy shoes is a must! However don’t be fool, because when the champagne cracks open and night hits, you will be popping on those nice heels, getting ready for a wonderful night out in Europe. Seriously, you need to pack if you are travelling to Europe.


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7. Portable Charger

While travelling around Europe you have very limited time to charge your phones/cameras so carrying around a fully charged portable charger is absolutely something you need to pack.

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8. Power Adapter

Because your charging adapter will not be the same in Europe a converter is something that everyone should pack. Its not something that you think about before leaving however it is an essential. After a long day of walking around and taking photos, you will need to charge your phone and camera. You can understand this makes the things you need to pack if you are travelling to Europe list.

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9. Pickpocketers

Europe is known for its pickpockers, among other things. So carrying a passport pouch or a waist bag eliminates that threat. Carrying around money and/or cards in a little pouch allows you to carry it around your neck instead of in your back pocket.


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10. First Aid Kit

Carrying around a First Aid Kit while travelling always comes in handy. If you are doing a lot of outdoor activities, like hiking, walking or cycling your way though Europe, accidents are bound to happen, so carrying a small first aid kits is definitely a thing to pack.

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Well thats all gang! I hope you enjoyed my 10 things you need to pack if you are travelling to Europe. Now I’m off to book my flights!

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Let us know what you think about what you need to pack if you are travelling to Europe in the comments below!
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